A Stroll Through Pigalle and SoPi

Place Saint Georges

A Stroll Through Pigalle and SoPi

by Lily Heise for Paris Up Close & Personal

Over the past few years the streets just south of Pigalle, known as SoPi, have paved their way onto the cool map of Paris with locavore gastrobars, designer shops and hipster hangouts. However, this seemingly new bohemian blood has actually been flowing through its veins since the quartier’s inception two hundred years ago, when it went by the name La Nouvelle Athènes. Discover the eclectic history of this hip neighborhood on this little stroll, and why not stop to have a look at Savoir Faire Paris’ guide to the 9th arrondissement and some of the great boutiques along the way or finish with an artisanal beer? Read on the history and what to do in Pigalle and SoPi

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