The Naughty Notary: Postcards with a Titillating Twist

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As you most certainly have gathered from my site, I’m a firm believer that Paris inspires romance, sexiness… and a certain amount of naughtiness. Sure, other places in the world might evoke similar sentiments, but these emotional (or carnal) cravings seem to be that might more heightened in the City of Amour… or of earthly delights. It’s no surprise that France was both the birthplace of medieval chivalric love and that of the 18th century libertine. Over the course of the centuries Paris still seems to be on the avant-garde of seduction and sexual freedom, which brings us to the playful and tantalizingly seductive postcards of Ariane Haas of the Naughty Notary

A love for fashion arose back in high school when Haas worked as a fabric painter for Oscar de la Renta. With her Bachelors of Arts in Apparel Design from Rhode Island School of Design in hand, she arrived in Paris seven years ago to embark on a career as a stylist. The designs of life are sketching out some new paths for the talented jeune femme as she brings together her passion for fashion, lingerie, art and sensuality. Read on to discover her unique and coquettish project.

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About Ariane and The Naughty Notary

Lily la Tigresse: What sparked the Naughty Notary?

Ariane Haas: Well, I’ve always done fashion illustration in my own time and got a little bit more serious about it after having an expo of my work last year. Over time my style has gotten more and more detail oriented, I like to get lost in fine lines and patterns, so naturally lingerie is fun for me to draw. I am also obsessed with lingerie in general, everything about it, the way it makes people look and feel, and the design and craftsmanship of it, the history and evolution, the roles it plays for women and men.

I drew a birthday card last year for my best friend, it was of two women wearing lingerie. I didn’t mean anything sexual by it, I just wanted to draw two girls since my friend and I are two girls, and I drew them in lingerie without thinking about it, but then everyone who saw it (men and women), told me the drawing was a turn on! It wasn’t until a couple months later that I was riding the bus— line 69 of course!— that it just dawned on me, I should be drawing slightly pornographic postcards.
My mind is always in the gutter anyway, everything I read and all the podcasts I listen to are all somehow related to the psychology and evolution of human sexuality. And I wanted it to have a message. Not one that you need to embrace to enjoy the product, but one that is important to me. Society does not put any emphasis on people figuring out what their definition of satisfaction or pleasure is, god forbid encourage us to be able to ask for it once we’ve figured it out. So having sexual desires written across the postcards is fun and titillating, but also a way to start asking for what we want. Et voila, The Naughty Notary was born.
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Lily: When did you start up?

Ariane: The birthday card was early September, the idea popping into my head on the bus was October, the online store opened in early January.

Lily: What are your inspirations?

Ariane: Artistically my influences have been the same for my entire life: Aubrey Beardsley and Erté. As for the more serious message of The Naughty Notary, it’s a message near and dear to me so it didn’t take much inspiration. It’s from my own and my friends anecdotal experiences, and of course I’m inspired by champions for human sexuality, Dan Savage being my number one hero. Also other artists like Sophia Wallace and her Cliteracy project.
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Lily: What cards are currently available and what are your plans?

Ariane: For the moment there is one collection available on my site. As the business grows I would like to debut a new collection every season, all of which will remain for sale on the website. As well as limited edition collections that will be for sale for a short time, like a Valentine’s Day theme or bridal theme for example. I’ve also developed a hashtag to symbolize everything I spoke about before, #claimyourpleasure. And eventually I’ll have t-shirts with #claimyourpleasure available for sale, the proceeds of which will go to groups like the Cliteracy project, and Planned Parenthood.
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Lily: Do you do custom cards?

Ariane: I do! I did a set of cards for Thistle & Spire, a lingerie company. Those should be out around Valentine’s Day. I’m totally open to custom cards for companies or individual customers!

Lily: Give me one adjective to describe your cards?

Ariane: Naughty! 

But of course! You can learn more about the Naughty Notary herea unique Valentine’s present! And look out for a special surprise on the site on February 14th!

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