New Paris Talks Conference: Can Paris Save the Future of Humanity?

In an age of uncertainty regarding the direction the world is going, as technology seems to be bringing us together yet other factors are pushing us apart, coming together to brainstorm the future might never have been so vital. From the Enlightenment via a century of revolutions to the intellectual debates of the mid 20th century, Paris has served as a platform for debating our existence. The new Paris Talks Conference, organized by Expats Paris for March 18th, 2018, aims to give new energy to discussing and forming the future. Its founder and director Michael Bahati tells us more about this innovative concept. 


Michael Bahati of Expats Paris and organizer of the Paris Talks Conference

Tell us a little more about the Paris Talks Conference?

Paris Talks is an Expats Paris project devoted to ideas about the Future of Humanity. It’s basically a one-day conference carried out in the form of powerful, inspiring and short talks of 15 minutes or less together with networking and entertainment opportunities.

What was the main inspiration behind it?

After more than three years of community and event management, we felt like time had come for us to embrace brand new challenges. So, we brainstormed for more than 12 months, did research and thought it’d be interesting to come up with something creative, scientific, a bit intellectual, friendly and fun. That’s how Paris Talks came to be. We created and registered Paris Talks as a brand, designed the website, defined the conference’s vision, theme and area of focus, and launched the project.

What do you hope to achieve?

Our aim is to create:

  • A platform that deals with serious current and future world issues that need to be re-examined.
  • The one and only platform that deals with issues related to the Future of Humanity in Paris, France and entirely done in English.
  • A platform that doesn’t aim at predicting the future but rather at warning and reminding us of the best and sustainable actions to get involved into right now to ensure a better future for the coming generations.
  • A platform where innovators, entrepreneurs, experts and influencers in different fields will meet to network, learn and challenge each other to look at the future of Humanity with an unconventional eye.
  • The Place where people from different walks of life, with the thirst for knowledge and the passion for inspiring others, can meet.

Can you give us an example of one or two of your speakers? Or the profile of the kind of speakers you are hoping for:

The Paris Talks conference will feature more than 12 innovative and influential speakers and entertainers. We’re pretty happy to announce that we’re in touch with a few Keynote Speakers, but have also published a speaker’s application form for anyone that’d like to be a speaker or recommend one. Some of the speakers we’re hoping to have include Melanie Laurent, Gerd Leonhard or Hazel Henderson, among others.

We recommend readers to keep their eyes open for more information on the list of our speakers.

If you had to choose one adjective to describe the conference what would it be?

I’d probably go for three: crazy, challenging and interesting.

In your view, what place in Paris best brings people together to exchange ideas – either in a structure or just casually, a crossroads for people or cultures?

  1. The Collège de France, a renowned French higher education and research establishment located in 5th arrondissement in Paris just across the street from the historical campus of La Sorbonne.
  2. Parisian Museums offer free conferences and networking opportunities almost every week.
  3. And of course, I wouldn’t leave the Expats Paris Tuesday afterwork drinks behind. We’ve been doing them for almost two years and it’s been pretty fun and interesting.

Thanks a lot, Michael!

Paris Talks is currently being crowdfunded. This is an opportunity to get early bird tickets and multiple other perks at an affordable rate. Here’s where it’s happening. Alternatively, the if you would like to volunteer, get in touch with Expats Paris.


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