The Mexican Minute #10

For this Monday’s Mexican Minute, the Mexican is still frustrated that E. hasn’t had any contact. So instead he’s taking us on a trip down memory lane and offers us a reflection on his personality. He hasn’t changed much in all this time that’s for sure!

Sunday May 24, 2009 1:52 PM

She hasn’t called yet. She really has me by the heart. But now I no longer know if it is love or an obsession or a caprice. But still I hurt. It reminds me of the beautiful girl who broke my heart years ago in 1995 or 96. Julie, yes, that is her name. Fuck she was hot. She was the best. It was strange. I hurt for 2 ½ years because of her, she disappeared like the wind. Without a notice. I called and called. She did not answer. She was gone. I was fucked. I was too immature. I cannot make a connection. She did not want to be with a boy who did not want to grow up, take responsibility, I just wanted to play.

Maybe she left because of fucking Jay. He told her I had cheated on her with a bunch of girl, why else would she leave? I was young, athletic, cool. Last I heard from her was that she got a boyfriend, I think she was lying, the only thing she left me was that smoking habit. I smoked a lot that summer. It made me think of her; like I was next to her. Long drunken nights with my cousin. It was me who made him into a drunk. I make everyone into a drunk. At least it was me who introduced him to alcohol, then it was up to him, oh well.

Note: once again, names of poor girl and bad friend have been changed.

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