The Mexican Minute #11

There seems to be a little trouble in Mexican Paradiso… he finds out a nasty fact about E. Is he just upset? Can he get over it and stick it out with E. or will he settle for the faithful M. And who is this other girl P?? The soap opera continues and this long post does not disappoint!

Tuesday May 26, 2009 10:40 AM

The fact that she does drugs is not very appealing to me. I am quite disappointed to know that she was smoking that shit all weekend and partying. Fuck. I am not double-standard. I like to part and drop a pill every now and then but I don’t do shit. That is too serious for me and I have always been afraid of it. I don’t want to be a junkie and most people who try it do. Even if they try it just one time. Fuck it. I can’t take her seriously. It’s a fucking shame because she was so beautiful and so perfect otherwise. If only the other one had her beauty. If she had her beauty she would not be interested in me. I am a lucky guy but never that lucky. I may date a beautiful girl who I can’t speak to, an intellectual girl who I can’t fuck or a rich girl who is ugly.

My true love … it was just bad timing. She is on the other side. But I think I can save it. This is what I will be. I will concentrate to get her here. I know that from the outside it seems crazy. All this decision making changing every day. First work is more important so I chose one. Then love is more important so I chose the other. You would not understand inside my soul. I always know who my love is. Too bad, I was on my way out when I met her. And I had to go alone. It was already decided. It was my dream. The think dreams never manifest in the way we imagine. It is then you realize that is is if you don’t accomplish things or if you are just fucked. I guess if I had found someone better I would forget about her, I found some one to play with and forgot about her for a moment. Fuck this little girl. I will het her to her drugs and to her party. The other, I feel bad, but I hope we can be work partners and I hope we can be friends. Meanwhile I will work on a plan to get her here. Yes. That is what I will do. Yes, M. saved my life, but P. did also, besides, I love P.

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