The Mexican Minute #19

Success! As we’ve learnt from the Mexican, persistance can yield dividends… but are they always the ones we expect? Read on to find out what happens when he finally speaks to his new heart throb… or at least tries to. Note, some French translation at the end.

February 17, 2009 1:35 PM

She chased me through my dreams, so much so I couldn’t sleep. I tossed and turned, lusting after her, I even woke up M. from all the movement. She was concerned. I felt sort of guilty, with this other perfect girl distracting me, I can hardly think of M. and E., who has left me five or six messages. I can’t bring myself to reply yet, not until I speak to the angel. That’s what she looked like, an angel from the heavens. I hoped God would listen to my prayers. I don’t normally pray, but this time it was crucial.

So as planned I got up early again (good thing I hadn’t drunk too much last night, no hang over). I went to her metro station, and instead of being foolish and waiting on the wrong side again, I waited outside, nervous but more confident than yesterday. It was kind of depressing to see those sad people going off to work, in their dark suits, moody frowns. I got a little caught up thinking of the rat race, I almost missed her again, she’s a fast walker. I was sure it was her. In seconds she’d beeped her pass and was on the other side of the turnstill. In a hurry I didn’t have time to get out a ticket so I snuck through with another person and ran down the steps. I couldn’t miss her this time and I could hear the train approaching. There she was a little further down the platform, I jumped on the end of her car just in time as the buzzer went off.

My heart was racing out of my chest, I knew that this was the chance I’d been waiting for, agonising over for days and nights since I first saw her, but there I was, frozen in stone. After a few stations I calmed down and tried to move through the people closer to her. At the next station a few people got off so I was actually standing only a couple of feet from her, but she was looking at her phone. I took five deep breaths, each one deeper and started to walk towards her. But she also started walking … towards the door, we were approaching Republique station, uh oh, I could certainly lose her there. I went and stood beside her by the door, gazing at her, she must’ve felt my stare because she looked up at me, with those crystal blue eyes. I smiled. She smiled back. A good sign.

She got off the train and I follow just next to her, still keeping my eyes on her. She could still feel me and looks over shyly, I took my chances and said something like “Salut, ca va?”* I can’t remember exactly. She smiled again and looked back ahead, walking. I got her attention again and asked if she wants to get a coffee. She looked a little bothered or embarrassed and I started to feel like an idiot. She looked me in the eyes and pulled a small notebook and wrote, “Je ne peux pas, je vais au travail.”* Why was she writing this? Everything was going so fast I didn’t ask that but instead said, “Quand tu veux!”” Thinking back I should have been more precise, I wanted to as soon as possible. She wrote, “Samedi?”* and all I could do was nod eagerly. She used her pen and paper to jot down her number and handed it to, I didn’t look down right away and asked her name, by then she was putting her notebook away and mouthed something, I guess I looked puzzled so she mouthed it again and pointed to the paper. I looked down and saw her beautiful handwriting. Juliette. Juliette ma belle. When I looked back up she gave me a little wave and was walking off in the other direction.

I was confused. Why had she taken out the notebook? Why had she mouthed her name? Then I realized. Oh dear, Yes it could be true. My lovely angel might not be able to talk?? I would have to wait until Saturday to find out.

“Salut, ca va?”= Hey there, how are you?

“Je ne peux pas, je vais au travail.” = I can’t, I’m going to work

“Quand tu veux!” = Whenever you want!

“Samedi?” = Saturday

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  • Karin P says:

    Oooh, a twist!! OMG, I am laughing now. This is really a pretty hilarious story! 😀 Keep ’em coming. I’ll be back in a week to see what is happening!

    • La Tigresse says:

      Karin, yes indeed a twist! It will be interesting to see how the Mexican can handle this one!
      BTW busy editing and was just going over your favorite story with Maurice the winemaker, I’ve added a few more funny jeux-de-mots etc. Getting closer to finishing the re-edits!

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