The Mexican Minute #22

Screen Shot 2013-03-18 at 20.46.16Has our heartsick Mexican jumped into the Seine in sorrow at the lose of his phone? Will he survive this latest trial to his patience? His love for Juliette, and perhaps M’s restraint, might allow him to get by a little longer, but just how much more can he take? Read on to find out!

February 26, 2010 12:16 PM

I haven’t been sleeping. It’s getting worse day by day. And M. isn’t making things any better. She sort of apologized for throwing my phone in the Seine, and has let me back, but I kinda had to beg. And I cried a little. I guess that did the trick. My tears were more for the loss of all my numbers, anyway. Especially because Juliette’s was in there.

This will serve as another test. And I can be strong. So day after the fight with M. I went over to Juliette’s place. We hadn’t been in touch since our coffee date, so I didn’t really know what she was up to. At least I knew where exactly she lived now, rue Monte Cristo in the 20th, makes me think I should read the book. I got there end of the afternoon and sat on that darn chilly bench outside the metro. I tried not to thinking about her, but I just wanted to see her and to hold her. I waited and waited. I needed a drink. I went to that cafe, the one we met at. I ordered a glass of wine and started sketching out the new project, I hope M. will still help me with it.

I wasn’t concentrating on it, I was too distracted with thinking about ma belle. Then I’d just ordered my third glass of wine, I look out and there she is. But she wasn’t alone! I couldn’t believe it. But was that a girl or a boy that she was with? I scrambled in my pockets for the change to pay the bill and I gulped down my glass. By the time I got out of the cafe she’d gone. I raced up the street towards her place, I rounded the corner onto her street, but it was too late, she was just entering her building, with that other person! I didn’t have the code, I didn’t know which floor she lived on, I couldn’t reach her! I stood across the street for a while but didn’t see her come to any of the winders, I guess maybe she lived in the courtyard. My heart was aching, straining in my chest. I finally left in despair. However, I had an idea on the metro on the way back to M.’s , here’s hoping it will work, it had better anyway!

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  • Karin B says:

    Oh that MexiMan. Mexi-mixed-up-man.

    We’re back to my wanting to smack him and tell him to go get a job and a life, hahaha!

    Silly stalker.


    (I somehow missed this on Monday, but a Tuesday will do!)

    • La Tigresse says:

      Monday or Tuesday, the Mexican is always there for the readers, and always up to his usual shenanigans! Let’s see if he manages to pull his act together – doubtful!

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