The Mexican Minute #23

Screen Shot 2013-03-18 at 20.48.45What can the Mexican be up to today? Has he reconnected with beautiful Juliette? Who else is on the scene? How long will he be able to keep all these girls going? Don’t forget, he’s clever. And plus, seems like he has a lot of practice at stringing girls along. He has his ways, but without knowing how to reach Juliette, will he succeed at doing this with her . . .?

February 28, 2010 2:34 PM

The more I thought about it, the more I was worried. Visions passed in my mind of Juliette with this other person. I tried to remember more details about that person. But seeing him/her only from the back it was hard to know if it was a girl or boy. I couldn’t help thinking that it had to be a boy. The way “he” walk. It was very difficult for me to remain calm. I need to be strong. I used to be so strong.

But I tried. I went to see E. She was happy to see me, yet she was acting a little weird. We had some wine, laughed and shared together. I care a lot about her, but she goes off on these tangents and disappears now and then without giving me any news. That’s depressing. It’s hard for me to stay true to her when she does that. Well, especially now that I’ve met Juliette. I will not give up on her and I cannot feel saddened that she might have a lover, maybe, if it was a boy, it could have been her brother? A friend? Possibly, I would have try to ask her.

That brings up the other difficult point with J. I still don’t really know if she can’t talk or what’s her story on that. But my heart aches for her. There is a special bond between us. So I waited until the late afternoon, yesterday. And I hung out next to her door for a while, waiting for someone to come in or out. The first person who came out wouldn’t let me in, maybe she thought I looked suspicious. I guess I’m looking kinda grungy these days, should shave and clean myself up. Anyway, about ten mins later a person was approaching the building so I pretended to take a phone call from a person inside the building, that way it look more credible for me to sneak in after that person. Success.

I had already prepared a little note for Juliette, simple, just saying I’d lost my phone and gave her my email and reminded her of my phone number, I need to go get a new one, I hope my number will be the same! I looked at all the mailboxes, damn, no first names, I couldn’t just guess. I had no other choice but to tuck the note into the bulletin board by the door. She should see it there. Now it’s wait and see, wait and see. Again. The story of my life.

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  • Karin B says:

    Well, what to say about this guy?

    One thing going for him: he creates very interesting diary entries, lol!

    “I pretended to take a phone call from a person inside the building, that way it look more credible for me to sneak in after that person. Success.”

    He is slick, I will give him props for that, too!

    My biggest question is the same as his. What *is* Juliette’s deal? I am very curious about whether or not she has the ability to speak, and if not, why not. And why on earth does he feel a special connection to her?! It would seem he does not have enough evidence to even make this assessment! But then I guess the heart knows what it knows…

    Oh, you mad, mad Mexican boy.


    • La Tigresse says:

      I know! He really is something else! It’s interesting to have insight into the workings of his mind. Now let’s see what happens with Juliette, will she call him?

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