The Mexican Minute #24

Monday seems to be the day of the Mexicans in more than one way! Just as I was about to post this, I get a text message from the Young Mexican, his usual Salut ça va? But he didn’t even wait two weeks, is he really never going to get that I’m not going to respond?Is he trying to give one last ditch effort?? Is it the same story for the Mexican? Read on!

March 4, 2010 9:18 AM

Up all night. Way too early for me to really think, I’m practically speechless, but I had to write a few lines. Exhausted. Wiped! Fatigué! So much emotion, I almost cried. Sometimes so much can be built up inside, it gets ready to burst.

And so I waited. One, two three days. I was truly starting to go crazy. No news from Juliette, I left her that note I thought she must have found it, well unless that person I saw her with was her boyfriend. I started to get panicky wondering if maybe he took it before she had time to find it for herself. I tried to distract myself, I talked to M. about my new project ideas, but I couldn’t concentrate. She kept asking me what was wrong, I don’t know if she bought my excuses… she’s pretty understanding and patient though.

Last night I finally decided to get out, I was feel suffocated by M.’s endless concern. So I wandered and wandered. Found a café that looked ok and went in for a couple of glasses of wine. I pulled out my wallet to pay and looked at my crappy replacement phone. Fuck! Why didn’t I feel it buzz. My heart raced, it was Juliette. I couldn’t believe I missed her text! It was just a hey how are sort of message but still. I wanted to call her, but it was sort of late, so I texted back. And waited. It felt like forever, maybe it was only 20 min. No answer.

My craving for her was so strong that I had to see her. I went over to her place. When I got there, I realized that it was a stupid idea, I still didn’t really know which floor she was on. So I sat against the building across the street and waited some more, I kept looking at the windows hoping to see her. I guess at some point I fell asleep because then all the sudden I was being woken up by the beeping of the garbage trucks. At first I was shocked and annoyed then I looked down and found a note tucked under my arm: Que fais tu là? What are you doing here? Shit! I missed her again! There was a text from her saying she’d tried to wake me up but I wouldn’t move. I texted her right away, she’d left for work, but agreed to see me on Friday night. I was kinda heart broken and embarrassed. Anyway, I can’t screw things up next time.



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  • Karin B says:

    So, he FELL ASLEEP on the street??? LMAO!! Wow. o.O

    This guy is definitely a fruitcake, lol.

    “she’d tried to wake me up but I wouldn’t move”



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