The Mexican Minute #3

As you will probably recall the Mexican has been wavering between two girls… M. the smart girl, supposedly on the same wave length of the Mexican. And then E. The girl who is more beautiful and sensual, but who doesn’t “stimulate” him intellectually, it was much safer with stay with M, but can he resist E.?

Thursday May 14, 2009 8:45 AM

I continue to think about her. For the moment the pain is about 50% less. To think about it, makes it increase to about 75%. Breathe… breathe… breathe. I don’t know it’s true what E. said about the situation… I’m not sure if I’m feeling like shit because she decided to quit or if it is really because I love her truly. That is not important. I have decided to stop everything for her. That is, if she accepts my invitation to a new and fresh beginning.

Time of suspense. Suspense. Suspense. What will she decide? I really don’t know. Normally I do. That is something interesting. To know what they will do… what they will choose. Maybe this is why I get so bored, because they are so predictable. The fact that she tastes a step back to protect herself makes me want her more. They say a person in fear is a very dangerous person. She is in fear. She can kill me. I am willing to take my chances. To walk to line. To live dangerously.

[then he went on this boring rant and a dream and his brother]

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