The Mexican Minute #2

Here is the second installment of Monday’s Mexican Minute. As you may recall from the first entry, the Mexican was having trouble deciding between these two girls. In this new minute we have the explanation of why he’s torn between the two of them. Plus, is he’s showing his vulnerable side? Is it mistrust? Insecurity? Bonne lecture!

cont. Tues May 11, 2009 8:08 PM

... Nevertheless, I feel I need her and not you, even though I lust for you. I need her, she helps me, she helps me in many forms, she helps me with my projects. She helps me with my dreams… to develop them. I like her conversation, even if she is not as beautiful as you, as sexy, as delicious. I have the conversations with her, that I can’t have with you. 

So sorry for you. So sorry for me. I will miss you dearly. There were other qualities I enjoy about you… your beauty, your attitude, your style, your craziness, your carelessness [… some x-rated things]. Yes, I cry now. In this moment I miss you. But I could not stay with you. It would mean my destruction. I would love you too much. And I’m afraid to love you. I don’t trust you. I don’t trust anyone.

Wednesday May 13, 2009 11:20 AM

Paris is always pleasurable to walk through her. Just like it was always pleasurable to be in her, E.. Yes, I think about her, but I cannot think of anything to do to make her come back. I don’t know if it is even possible. All is possible, but I don’t feel capable. My chest still hurts. It is normal. It’s only been a few days. How many to be exact?

[…] Well that’s not important. I saw her that day. I woke up next to her that morning. We did not make love that night. She was acting strange. In fact, I could not sleep. She had gotten back from London after a few days and I don’t know if she met another guy. I am so insecure in that respect. In many respects, in fact. Why? Is that normal. Is everyone as insecure as me?  

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