The Mexican Minute: An Update!

Todo mi Amor para tiIn case you didn’t see the post on Facebook, The Mexican Minute was delayed this week because the Mexican actually appeared: first on my phone, and then in person! So, I thought a real update might be more exciting than the old love life news, but was I able to get any interesting tidbits out of him? si y no …

Before launching into the Mexican (new readers have to learn about him here), his call came at the end of an odd series of Tigresse events that started on Sunday … It was a lovely day in Paris; I guess the nice weather lightened up moods, because I got this cheery, though strange, text message from the Film Guy around 6 pm: Salut. Toujours pas de règles  la maison vous propose diner et plaisir sensuels. Je sais … mais quand c’est bon!!! / Hi there. Still no rules  the house is offering you dinner and sensual pleasures. I know… but when it’s good!!!

Was this message even for me?? What rules? Well. règles, umm, does mean something else in French, but I could only assume that he meant “rules,” unless this message was supposed to be sent to another girl … with girl issues. I was very proud of myself; I didn’t even respond. Not that I wanted to accept his invitation (au contraire), but my niceness would have normally got in the way by encouraging me to at least reply (even by inventing an excuse about having some other exciting evening plans).

Over to Monday. I’m leaving home and who do I run into outside chez Lily? My former neighbour, Luigi. He used to live in the apartment underneath me (poor thing!) then he moved down the street. Earlier in my escapades, we bumped into each other one January and he suggested we get together for a New Year’s drink, which led to frequent creative text message invitations and me trying to fend off his advances on a number of occasions! Funny stories …  maybe more on that another day. Anyway, I hadn’t seen him in ages and voilà—there he was! He’s since moved to the suburbs so no fear of overly-friendly messages coming my way in the near future.

Double HeartsI’m minding my own business mid-afternoon and my phone chimes with an SMS: who could that be? That persistent Young Mexican: : Ey!!! ca va? (I’m not sure what “Ey!!!” means…). I haven’t responded to a message from him in months! Scanning my phone? log, I see that he almost tries systematically every two weeks. I wonder if I’ll get another one around May 7th, then? This brings us up to the next time my phone buzzed. I look down and see the Mexican’s name. Holy Guacamole! I haven’t heard from him since that February event (I discussed it here. I figure he’ll stop contacting me because he’d understood that my adoration and help was in fact not undying and had dried up.

My phone rings a few times before I finally decide to answer. “Hey what’s up? Long time no news!” He chats on for around five minutes (even asking me how I was doing); then he says, “I’m not just calling you to ask for a favor…” Sure, sure, sure! He wants help with a new press release. Now, I’m not a complete sucker. I don’t have to help him, but I thought, Hmmm, I could help him do some writing, and maybe he could help me do the same? A fair exchange! So I invite him over yesterday evening. I had a big challenge though. I knew I would learn all about his new projects, etc. (which he did go on about at length), but how would I be able to dig out some new info about his love life?

He actually brought something to contribute towards apéro, which was a pleasant change. I was sad to learn he wasn’t getting his unemployment insurance money any more, but not surprised when he told me they’d cut him off because he skipped a meeting with them (sigh! will he ever learn?). I actually hope his projects will succeed, yet think they might have trouble due to all the bad karma he must have from his mistreatment of women. All through apéro, my mind is plotting how I can get some news out of him … my first hint comes with his own buzzing phone. He looks at the name and huffs, “Ugggh, I don’t want to talk to her.” – and lets it ring on. Poor thing is forced to leave a message.

We finally get around to working around 10:00 pm, after finishing our first bottle of wine. He turns on his computer and there on the screen are the two log-in profiles, I’d noticed this the last time I helped him out. One is, of course, his … and the other is the famous E.! The last time he was over he’d told me he was maybe getting back together with an ex… So without me even saying anything he sighs out loud, “Yah, I thought I was getting back together with an ex, but it isn’t going to work out.” I nervously pry for more info: “Oh really? Why not?” He avoids my question, while picking up his phone to finally text the girl who’d called earlier on. I try once again to get more info out of him but he remains silent. Drat! He did exchange several texts, surely with that other girl, or was it E. the whole time? My bets are on someone new.

Even though it’s not a lot, it’s nevertheless not such a bad bit of info. Back and forth, back and forth? Will he ultimately detach himself from E. or will he keep going back for more? What ever happened with Juliette? One thing is for sure: I’m never going to fall for him again. Besides, he doesn’t seem remotely interested in anything other than my brain, which I guess is nice for once!

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  • Karin B says:

    “how would I be able to dig out some new info about his love life?”

    You did SO very well! I am impressed. Yes, it is just a tidbit, but all the same, good spy work. 😉

    I am so glad that you have entered the friend zone with the Mexican. In his case, this is the BEST place that one could be, lol.

    • La Tigresse says:

      Friend zone is definitely the best place to be with him. But he’s a bit manipulative, I’m helping him because I genuinely want to, I’m too nice – my point is, he knows how to get people to do what he wants. He was even a little flirty with me (no way I’m going over to that dark side though!) quite sure it’s just his “help me” tactic…

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