The Mexican Minute: Valentine’s Day News Flash!!

I couldn’t bring myself to break you the news on Monday. I was so sad. My fingers were hovering over the keyboard above the letters: I.T.S.O.V.E.R. its over. I couldn’t do it. You see, I thought the Mexican Minutes were … over. Something was holding me back from breaking the depressing news to you.  Mondays would never ever be the same. Then the Mexican came around last night … and everything changed.

Don’t worry. I know some of you might be squirming or jumping up and down in your seats and waving your arms at the screen. I didn’t let the Mexican wiggle his slimy way back into my life in the slightest, the weakness of the past remains exactly where it’s been buried. But I did have him over for some wine (maybe a little too much), leaving me with a nasty hang over today in more than one way. After trying to suck all my niceness energy out of me, the Mexican actually gave me a present and one you’re going to love!

“You know, I want to get rid of all my things,” he declared. “I think the best thing is to just throw them out. All my old stuff.”

I wholeheartedly agreed with him, it was best to just get rid of the old and try to make room for the new, in keeping with my New Year’s resolution. But don’t get the Mexican wrong either. I don’t think he’s fully committed to the same resolution and that he’s ready to turn over a new leaf. Early in our conversation he mentioned restarting with an old flame…(hmmm… doesn’t that sound familiar, his song and dance has been on repeat far too long!).

Throw away his things? That would be quite the pity. Nevertheless, he really insisted I do away with the box under the sofa, he didn’t even want to check it to see what was in it. I was solemnly prepared to oblige by his wishes, but this little aching devil was bouncing around in my mind.

Don’t just blindly throw the box out! – he squealed. Jeez that little guy can be persistent.

Fine, I rebutted, just because you’re forcing me to. Let’s have one more snoop through it. It was true, when Naughty and I had looked in it, we were so overwhelmingly shocked and excited from our journal find that we hadn’t even finished looking through it. And so I hauled the box out from under the sofa bed. The lid was already half off from being bashed around from when Naughty was staying over, so it was very easy to get started.

One by one I took out the books. An art book, an architecture book, several sketchbooks with incomprehensible drawings, the journal you and I already know, another art book… hey what’s this? Stuck to the back of the last art book was a rippled, stained, bent cahier, a notebook. Boy oh boy! It certainly looked like it had been around! I carefully detached it from the art book and slowly peeled open the wine splattered front cover to the first page.

February 14, 2010

My chest is completely constricted. I think this is it. My heart is compounding against the inner walls of my chest. I was instantly mesmorized. First, I went numb, stunned by her power and beauty. Then my heartbeat picked up until it was racing out of my chest. I was frozen there and so was time. Me. Her. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe.

Holy guacamole and hot tamales!! It appears that our saga is not actually over! The Mexican hasn’t deserted us after all! And it looks like his romantic trials and tribulations get even more turbulent… if that’s possible. What a special Valentine’s present this is, like a gift from the Mayan gods! Maybe the Mexican had actually fallen in love on Valentine’s Day?? Stay tuned next Monday for the new and revived Mexican Minute!

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