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So many people love Paris and there are so many ways to love this incredible city. It’s such a unique city, there really is “only one Paris”! At the beginning of the confinement I started writing a short story per week inspired by a quote by Vincent van Gogh which starts with “There’s only one Paris.” In turn, the project inspired people around the world to share their favorite memories and places in Paris, which are being added into these fictive short stories. The stories are a great way to bring people to Paris, but there are also other ways. This goal has sparked a new membership club I’ve started called “There’s Only One Paris“! This is separate to my blog, but connected. Learn more about it below!

Je T’Aime Me Neither Presents “There’s Only One Paris” – the Club!

Don’t worry, the website Je T’Aime, Me Neither isn’t going away! The “There’s Only One Paris” club is a merely an extension of the content presented on JTMN the Blog and social media. Every month club subscribers will have access to:

  • Additional exclusive content
  • PDF guides, included an expanded version of our popular arrondissement guides
  • Print and Audio copies of the upcoming completed “There’s Only One Paris” book of short stories
  • Attractive special discounts
  • A Live video chat with a special guest

All of this equals much more than the monthly subscription which has options starting at as little as $2. See all the details below and you can subscribe in a few clicks here.

Content Based on Your Survey Results 

I wanted to thank everyone who took the time to fill in my recent survey. I thought it would be interested to hear from you to see what content you preferred. There was a good number of surveys completely and I really appreciate your time, feedback and useful (and sweet) comments. I will use the results to help steer future comments and some especially for the new club. 

  • Facebook Content: Photos, articles and live videos were the most popular content in that order.
  • Videos: Most people preferred short videos of less than 5 minutes or were also interested in experiential videos which make one feel like they are in Paris (I may develop these further!), a frequency of 1-3 times a week for videos was also favored.
  • Blog Articles: neighborhood guides were the most popular (see more on these below) with Interesting things to do in Paris coming in a close second. Topics for articles, history, architecture and things to do ranked the highest.
There's Only One Paris - Participatory Stories with Je T'Aime, Me Neither

There’s Only One Paris – the Book!

Many of you have been following along with the There’s Only One Paris project, but in case you are new to the site, you can learn more about it here. The response to the stories has been amazing and so with the lockdown now over, I’ve decided to carry on writing the stories without publishing them on my site weekly and instead they are being edited, perfected and will be published as a completely anthology with 10 new stories, totally 20 tales which cover each arrondissement of Paris. This should be ready in September. It is one of the “rewards” of being a member of the club… so members in the $5 category and above have their membership fees going directly towards the book! Non-members will also be able to buy the book on Amazon, however, it’ll be more economical to obtain it through the club. I will also be re-recording audio chapters that will only be available through the club. 

Exclusive Romantic Paris Arrondissement Guides

After the popular web series of top 10 Romantic Places in Paris per arrondissement, Je T’Ame, Me Neither is back with an expanded version featuring an extensive collection of the best romantic places in every district of Paris! The comprehensive guides, featuring at least 25 places each, provide options to suit all tastes, but which always show an authentic experience of Paris, away from the crowds and tourist traps! The PDFs have been designed so they are easy to use on your phone, iPad or printed out! These are available to everyone who subscribes for only $2, a super deal!

Exclusive Special Offers Every Month!

Every month all members will be offered two special offers. In the survey I also asked which sorts of special offers would interest you most and Paris activities, Paris accommodation and Paris-themed household items all came in around the same level, therefore, I’ll be focusing on these with these and have already been arranging lots of great deals for the months to come! See the ones for June below!

 Discounted Holiday Apartment Rentals & Online Cooking Classes!

We’ve got two fabulous special offers for our first month of June. The first offer is for a 10% discount off the wonderful Paris holiday apartment rentals of Perfectly Paris! Book between now and the end of the year for a 10% discount, you can rebook for up to a year if there is another lockdown or they cannot travel due to COVID restrictions. So if you’re planning to come to Paris as soon as they lift the travel ban (soon), then this is a great opportunity!

The second you can do from anywhere in the world! Cookbook author, chef and tour guide Alisa Morov of Sweet Pea Paris has started online cooking classes. For any members who book one of her classes (40 euros each), you can do a second classes for one 25 euros! A savings of 15 euro! 

Again, these particular special offers are only available to members and make up a fantastic additional reward! Next month will feature a pair of new rewards of a different style.

Other Rewards

There are a number of other fantastic rewards depending on the level you choose. I’ve just added a monthly Live Video Chat hosted by myself and one of the “special offer” companies! Gail Bosclair will be sharing special tips and we’ll have a Q&A! Date to be announced very soon. The 10$ and 20$ packages have a few other premium rewards including a special “thank you” in the “There’s Only One Paris” book, 25-40% discounts on my Paris tours, a 30-minute call per year to discuss Paris or other tips, and a personalized mini-guide for your next Paris trip.

So there are many reasons to become a member! Plus, you can cancel your membership at anytime, so it’s commitment free. Thank you very much for your interest and for helping me share more of romantic Paris, insider tips and short stories with the world! Learn more or join at this link.

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