Top 10 Romantic Hotel Rooms in Paris

Dreamcatcher SuiteWith more than a thousand hotels in Paris and therefore tens of thousands of hotel rooms, deciding where to stay in Paris can be as monumental as deciding which rooms to visit at the Louvre. People often ask me for recommendations and I can be a little hesitant to offer suggestions due to the magnitude of choice and variety. However, there’s a great new concept which is helping ease this decision-making process: MyRoomIn. Their team has visited and hand-selected the best hotel rooms across the capital. We’re not talking merely hotels, but specific rooms which are exception for their design, views, special features … or all of the above. Since I’m all about romance… I’ve asked them to fill us in on the city’s top romantic rooms, their selection is really quite extraordinary and will have you dreaming of staying in one of these unique rooms. Read on and get ready to fluff these pillows!

Baldaquin Room

1. Baldaquin Room

It’s hard not to be awed by this room. It’s perfect for honeymooners as this is possibly as romantic as it gets. Climb hand-in-hand with your amoureux up the spiral staircase to your room. The “Queen’s Room” is a little love nest whose centerpiece is an extraordinary canopy bed, nothing short of a miracle in central Paris. The atmosphere of this room, with its wood paneling and warm colors, will make you stop you in your tracks right at the door; you might just need to get some fresh air on the balcony. After all, Paris is the city of lovers, isn’t it?  (From $41/night)

portraits corporate

2. Suite Marie

Our team fell in love with this jewel of a room. There are windows on two of the walls, letting in quite a lot of light. Plus, not a single detail has been overlooked in designing this room. The white and silver walls are so chic and refined, then there’s the white leather sofa, the orchid on the table, the marble bathroom, and balcony with a view of the Eiffel Tower… It’s perfection! Sft touches are everywhere from the sheepskin rug on the white wood floor to the shimmering curtains and the frosted glass in the bathroom. The window in the bedroom has a lovely view of the courtyard whereas the living room faces due south towards Paris and the Eiffel Tower. (From $302/night)


3. Chambre Moulin Rouge

You’ve come all the way to Paris to see its fabulous monuments, how would you like to sleep in one? That’s the concept behind the cool Hotel Secrets de Paris, where a variety of thematic rooms create the feeling of actually sleeping in some of the city’s most iconic sites. The sexiest room has to be The Moulin Rouge® (a trademark of Moulin Rouge SA). The whole spaces draws you in… there’s red everywhere (including the mood lighting), wooden walls, a huge poster of a Moulin Rouge dancer covering an entire wall… and the arms of the windmill are on another. Everything has been carefully thought out, down to the carpet, rose-petalled (of course). There are also black table lamps by Philippe Starck.  In the bathroom, a mirror fit for a diva, who can relax under the large rainshower. This four-star hotel also has a free sauna, steam room, and workout room open 24/7. Read more about the hotel in Lily’s article on it here, she’s tested it out personally! (From $161/night)

Mix & Match Room

4. Mix & Match Room

The intrigue of this room starts even before you enter, as you cross a beautiful landing where gorgeous black lacquered doors hide mysterious secrets. Upon opening this door you step into a stunning entryway to find a dramatic zebra-print tapestry leading to the staircase which descends to the bedroom and right up to the bed. The location in the Marais is idea and a window opens onto the calm rue de Saintonge. The large wall at the back of the room is silkscreened with tapestry designs and contemporary art hangs above the desk. The gorgeous bathroom is fitted with a corner bathtub and a rather unusual designer pedestal sink, water closet and decorated with colonial wallpaper. It’s truly an original mélange of styles. Be sure to go downstairs using the beautiful staircase with its original solid wood banister. It’s like you’re in the Middle Ages The entranceway to the breakfast room is also a small decorative marvel, one of favorite little details. (From $379/night)

Kiss Montmartre Room

5. Kiss Montmartre Room

This room has a powerful palette of gold and black: one black wall, one gold wall and, above the bed, a lyrical photo of two lovers kissing in the night, along with the words “baisers volés” (stolen kisses). But the romance continues… On the wall by the desk, you’ll find a quote by Guy de Maupassant that captures the spirit of the room:  “kiss is the surest way to quiet oneself while saying everything.” On either side of the bed are armoires with mirrored doors providing some sexy reflections. The chairs, headboard and pillows are all black and gold. The window overlooks a quiet courtyard. The whole place is calm, sexy and glamorous. (From $53/night)

Sublime Room

6. Sublime Room

Decorated with delicate refinement, this room has curves everywhere you look, and is incredibly soothing. The gossamer textures and the rounded lines of the designer furniture and the wall of waves takes our breath away… It’s hard to imagine that you would toss and turn in this very large, round, levitating bed, with a canopy of feathers over your heads and surrounded by sheer white curtains… It’s like sleeping on a cloud! The bathroom has two large facets featuring unique faucetry and little roses on the white floor tiles, but the star of the room is surely its spa tub made for two (with lighting and music effects). You may not want to leave to go explore Paris. (From $321/night)

Cocon Suspendu Room

7. Cocon Supendu Room

Remember Robinson Crusoe? Stranded on a desert isle, sleeping in a hammock up in the trees at night with nothing but the rustlings palms to keep him company, a hint of coconut in the salty air as he stared at the millions of stars in the night sky… Well now it’s your turn! This extraordinary suite has some surprises in store for you: an incredible hanging bed, a large wall the color of a blue lagoon, and nightlights that glow like deep sea creatures… an ideal setting for a romantic getaway. And just like Crusoe you’ll have a special starry sky when you draw the curtains… There are two balconies to choose from, in case you wanted to gaze up at those real starts. It’s a truly unique place to stay. (From $169/night)

Tendre Rosee Suite

8. Tendre Rosée Suite

This hotel is to die for. The decor is cutting edge, a mix of funky vintage and high design. And it works splendidly! The room is full of light, with two large windows looking onto the beautiful, stone facade of the Banque de France. We think the interior designer had fun creating this room (and made sure we would too): it comes complete with a parasol lamp, wallpaper with a bold fan design in black and white combined with pink flowers… It’s a bit over the top, but you can’t help but love it! The wood floor and coffee table add a delicious 1950s flavor. With Reflections everywhere, it sparkles like a magical castle. The bathroom is atypical to put it mildly: a small shower on one side and a water closet on the other. We adored the tiny lights scattered among the tiles, lighting it up like a summer sky… The Porcelanosa sink is so delicate you’d think it had been polished by ocean waves. The overall effect is sensual, sweet and feminine, and it feels simply divine! (From $218/night)

Hôtel La perle pour My Room In Paris by Alexandre Moulard

9. Favorite du Roi

Once you enter the hotel lobby (well, this less like a lobby and more like someone’s living room), you’ll notice the beautiful staircase with its original wood banister. Once upstairs and in your room, you’ll be greeted by a large painting of one of the mistresses of François 1. Oh la la! True to the period, the interior designer covered the closets with medieval designs, and the modern chairs have large, visible studs, a nod to the epoque… The Kartell nightlights, fine materials throughout, a black and white decor that complete the elegant effect. (From $111/night)

Heaven Room

10. Heaven Room

We absolutely adore this chic and elegant room. With its pale color palette, leather headboard, velvet curtains and designer lamps, it’s 100% Parisian. In addition there are beautiful black and white photo of street lamps and a lion carved in stone, both of which add a very distinct character to the decor. Its large French door opens onto a beautiful private terrace overlooking the hotel’s courtyard garden, offering you a calm oasis full of light. But that’s not all… there’s another surprise…  even the bathroom has its own furnished terrace, a real rarity in Paris. The bathroom itself is fitted with a refined black sink and a large Italian shower with baroque design tiles. You’ll love taking a shower. (From $264/night)

These suggestions barely skim the surface of their fabulous selection, so if you don’t see what’s right for you here, see their other rooms on their site. Plus they are expanding to more destinations soon (think le sud… shhh!).

If you’re looking for other suggestions for your trip, I’ve also started a new page on Paris Trip Planning Resources, which you can find here.

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