Trouver un Jules à Paris I: On Va Sortir?

Screen Shot 2013-11-01 at 20.38.52As with any challenge, we are often filled with excited, nervous anticipation as we set off on our quest. Such were my sentiments as I kickstarted my November challenge, introduced in my last post: to find my own perfect Mr Amour with the help of the book Trouver un Jules à Paris. There are so many possibilities outlined in the book, which one should a try first? I had to select something new and original… or at the very least, something to me faire sortir….

One thing that was important in choosing the four options to try this month from the book was to find activities that were not really for “dating,” such as dating sites, speed dating and the like. Not that there is anything wrong with the latter, I was merely striving for a variety of approaches, this is mainly for research (bien sur 😉 and so by choosing different tactics, I could better assist others, and why not… possibly meet some interesting hommes. Nevertheless, my mission was slightly intimidating and so I opted for an idea listed in the book that my dear French friend Clém had also talked to me about: the website On Va Sortir (OVS).

Screen Shot 2013-11-01 at 15.47.23Marketed as “the website for going out with friends and making new friends in your city,” On Va Sortir is a great concept, in principle. Setting up my profile was a breeze. You can add as much or as little info about yourself as you want, however, since I was new to online “clubs” I went all out, adding a photo, and filling in their optional survey of interests and personality test, pourquoi pas? I was just on there to “meet friends” after all.

OVS inboxProfile completed, I eagerly clicked on the calendar of events to see what was on offer. The idea is that members can add outings to which others of the group can sign up for, like mini “Meet Up” Groups (but the events are usually one-off activities and thus the structure is less constrictive than a weekly or monthly get-together). Boy oh boy! The list seemed endless with exhibitions, dinners, movies, dancing… then there were some less conventional offers such as “help me buy a computer,” “mushroom picking in the forest,” “psychic + crepe evenings” and “free foot rubs” ( I was almost tempted to reply to the last one, though my occasionally appearing better judgement kept my finger from the rsvp button!).

While getting to know the site, I happened to notice a flashing inbox on the left hand of the page. Hmmm… what was this for? Event rsvp confirmations? Mais non! Within 30 minutes of signing up for the site I’d received six “welcome messages,” all of which from garcons… I hadn’t thought that I’d signed up for a dating site!  Thankfully the numbers did go down after the first day but I did get some funny messages, this is probably one of my favorites:
Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 14.24.28

At first, I did realize that it wasn’t necessary to actually reply to these messages, but my troublesome gentillesse which often gets the better of me, incited me to reply to a few… maybe the guys really were looking for someone to merely go to OVS events with? Or perhaps one could be my soulmate??

I put the site on hold for a day and came back to it on Sunday afternoon hoping to plan at least one outing for the upcoming week, I’d eyed up a few interesting dinners a lunch near my office and an exhibit, yet when I returned to the calendar, they were all full! This site was more popular than I’d expected! Going back to the agenda drawing board, I noticed I had some more messages in my inbox. A few more welcome messages… and then three messages from one guy I’d replied to the day… jeez, can’t I have a life outside OVS and my computer? I didn’t really know what to do with him so I replied to a few of his “this feels like a dating site” get to know you questions. Working in Finance and liking jogging and shopping were not really characteristics I was looking for. How was I supposed to get rid of him now??

Tilting bottlesI eventually found an activity that peaked my interest which still had spaces available: a wine tasting. I was surely to meet people who at least share my love of wine, plus there did look like there would be a few potential date worthy men in attendance. Arriving at the scheduled date and time, it turned out that several people canceled at the last minute, including the cute guys… how was one supposed to choose events based on the participants if they pulled out? If I decided to attend other activities, I would have to base my decisions on other criteria.

There were certainly friendly people and I did sample some tasty wines, however, I was left a little starved, firstly, physically because they was nothing of the carnivorous snack options I could eat, and secondly of anyone I might like to see again… well not exactly so… as in true Tigresse nature, there is always a surprise. I thought the owner of café was checking me out, proof acquired when he slyly slipped me his number on my way out … even if I wasn’t totally convinced that the On Va Sortir site was the way to find a Jules, the trial at least demonstrated that it was a good idea to “sortir”… and the rest is up to fate 🙂


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