Trouver un Jules à Paris II: Believe in your Lucky Star?

securedownload-1As I pursue my Trouver un Jules à Paris quest, this past week had quite the surprising twist, a much bigger one than the ending of the experiment of the previous week. Since the first idea I tried had yielded mixed results, I thought I should review the basics of the book and put them into practice before picking out an actual “activity” to test out. Maybe I’d missed something essential…?

To help readers find their prince charming, the book starts out with a chapter called “Boost your Seduction Capital,” the main gist is that you need to be “ready” to meet Mr. Perfect. The book goes on the give readers tips on preparing your Psy de base or your state of mind. It says to relax, welcome surprises and believe in your bonne étoile … your lucky star. I completely agree with this; if you’re in the right state of mind for anything, what you desire will fall into place, however, it is admittedly not always easy to get out of mental bad habits and allow life to happen.

This is why, I might have trouble finding someone through “structured systems” such as dating sites, even what I tried last week, On Va Sortir, seemed a little forced, but La Tigresse always manages to have things turn out differently (for better or worse!).  I think the mere act of me starting my little November mission had opened myself up to potential encounters and now it was fates turn to act… and it did!

photo 2 (5)Last weekend was a long weekend in France so I thought I’d make the most of it by going to visit a friend in the great north of Europe. Even though I was happy to get away, in the back of my mind I was also thinking, hmmm, that gives me fewer days to work on my November mission. However, that turned out not to matter!

I tend to arrive just on time for flights, which is not really a good habit, especially if there are problems such as the metro breaking down, or in the case of last weekend, the online check-in not working for my flight. So instead of arriving early, I was slid up to the check-in desk with three minutes to spare. Once through security and finally catching my breath from the rush, I thought it wise to go straight to my boarding gate, one close call was enough for today.

Since they hadn’t begun boarding my flight yet, I slipped I to the takeaway cafe queue for some tea. Minding my own business in line, suddenly a tall, dark stranger appears by my side. “Don’t I know you?” Hmmm… well I couldn’t place him instantly, but he was certainly cute and potentially very worth knowing! “Aren’t you Canadian?” He continued. He did look vaguely familiar… And as soon as he said his name which is very unusual, it clicked. He wasn’t a stranger at all!

securedownload-3Ahhh Zaven*! An adorable Armenian whom I’d met at least five years ago. We went a few times and then basta, he disappeared or I can’t really remember why we didn’t see each other very long, but here we were, in a city of 11 million people, in the Europe’s busiest airport, running into each other. His gate was not only right next to mine… his flight was also extremely delayed… by 5 hours! Was it delayed so we could run into each other??

We chatted the time for me to get my tea and give him my card, then I was off to Copenhagen and he was (hopefully) soon on his way to Porto. What were the chances? This was certainly a bizarre chance encounter, but was  Zaven deserving of a second chance? What was in the cards this time around?

He did email me and he did set up a date for… tonight, so we shall see! Will I be one step closer to finding my little Jules? At least the book’s advice was putting me on the right track… or maybe it was my lucky star?

*Note: as per usual, names have been changed, but apparently Zaven is a good solid Armenian name 😉

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