Trouver un Jules à Paris III: the Challenges of a Challenge

securedownloadAs the third week of my Trouver un Jules à Paris challenge comes to a close, the week has been one of a lot of thinking… about the project itself and about taking on any such missions. I’m sure anyone who embarks on a challenge goes through similar stages: the initial thrill of getting started is further fueled by the motivation of success, however, there can then be a moment of anxiety, when you think “What the heck am I doing??” … and this is exactly where I’m at.

Last Sunday I was nervously excited to go out on my date with Zeven (read last weeks episode here). Had my lucky star actually led me to me to someone worthwhile? Had the mere fact of me setting out on the November challenge opened me up to attracting some good amour? That’s what I was hoping for and I really and truly felt that the run in at the airport with Zeven had to be more than a simple coincidence. right?

securedownload-1Well, that was my attitude as I headed down to Odéon to meet my date. There he was as I cruised out of the métro a acceptable for first-date 8 minutes late. He certainly is cute, tall with dark brown hair, a beard and a trendy hipster look, pas mal de tout! We settle down at a chic café across from the métro. From our calculations, it had been 6 years since we’d seen each other, therefore a lot to catch up on and thus a second glass of wine was called for, though Zeven strategically chose to switch bars, to one nearby that cosier and where we had to sit beside each other. The conversation morphed with our romantic atmosphere and he revealed that he hadn’t really had any long term relationships in the last six years, the longest being … 2.5 months.

The romantic music in my head came to a screeeeeching halt. Red lights flashed! Alarm bells sounded! I had just ended something with a commitment phobic, I am still chased by text-message from the super non-committal Film Guy… now here there was another one again on my doorstep. Ugggh. What was I supposed to do with Zeven… was on perma-repeat in my mind as we bid each other farewell in front of the métro with promises to see each other soon (well, after a delicious goodbye kiss upping the chances of the latter happening).

“Let the Universe be in charge,” said J., a friend I hadn’t seen in a while, over lunch a few days later. Certainly words of wisdom, though I was still a little skeptical. On the one hand, she was completely right, the universe seemed to be pushing us together, but my unfortunately vast experience with similar guys was hard to disregard.

securedownload-2It was about then that I started to put into question the whole Jules challenge. Had this been such a good idea? Seeking out romance seemed to only lead to trouble and not to Jules, however, sitting around doing nothing doesn’t really help either… I suppose the date and contemplation over Zeven does count for fulfilling this week’s mission, I tried not to put pressure on myself to overdo it, stressing over doing another activity will not bring me closer to Jules (though I did go to Le Sans Souci and another similar bar, the former listed in the book as a place to possibly meet un beau mec, though nada).

I guess I have no choice but to wait and see if Zeven turns into Jules… and if not, there is always next week. Hopefully that Jules will eventually materialize, though the challenge may need to linger past November 30th 🙂

Images courtesy of Montmartre graffiti artists, keeping the neighbourhood covered in love.

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