Trouver un Jules à Paris IV: Bonjour, Bonjour? …Goodbye?

securedownload-4It’s December 1st, which brings to a close my November challenge. Was my final week better than week three? Well, I didn’t give up, I stuck through it, trying what I thought would be an exciting finale for the experiment… but would it be a bang or a bust? Could it bring me closer to my Jules? Not leaps and bounds towards my goal, yet perhaps each successful encounter starts with a… bonjour.

I went back to the book Trouver un Jules à Paris to carefully select the final suggestion I would try. I wanted something a little different than the previous ones and something that would yield some sort of results over the course of the week and one in which I was busy with visitors and other outings. What could I do on the go? For my Jules mission, I’d pretty much decided against traditional dating sites (though the book does have a whole chapter dedicated to them, I almost signed up for Amour Bio, vegetarian dating). Near the beginning of the book, something else had caught my eye under the subtitle of “Geolocalize your Jules”, hmmm I was too curious to not look into it, and with a few clicks I’d downloaded the app Bonjour, Bonjour.

securedownload-3As you can see from their slogan Let’s Socialize! the site helps you “find other members around you. Sort them and show you’re interested by saying Bonjour! If your Bonjour is accepted, you’ll be able to chat.” Well, that seemed easy enough, and since I was going to be here there and everywhere this week, the possible Jules out there quickly multiplied.

I was a little concerned that the app would be like the app for gay guys Grinder. Would the users of it be looking for just a hook up?? This was not what I was after, but this was for the experiment and hopefully entertaining to report back. Setting up my profile took about 2 minutes and then I could peruse the list of people in my vicinity. I really wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do next, but I didn’t really have to think too long, because I started to Bonjours! and notifications that someone had visited my profile. What was I supposed to do with the bonjours??

securedownload-8I gradually figured out that if you respond to the bonjour that person can send you a message, so I took the plunge and boujoured back a few people, then off I went for a drink in my neighborhood with a friend. The app also has a Facebook-like news feed so I decided to spice things up with a little post announcing where I was. Would anyone message wanting to come and join us? No. However, I did get a bunch of new visitors to my profile and several new bonjours… to which I accept a few. This led to exchanging some messages with two contenders: a young doctor and a TV producer, not bad quality indeed.

I sort of have a dislike for the idea of chatting, probably stemming from my suspicions that my ex was chatting with other girls. So in all honesty, after the initial connection, it lost its novelty. Then I was explaining the system to my visiting friend Honelicious and we kept coming back to the disappointment of not being able to see who the “someones” who visited my profile were. There was a little remedy to that, all I needed to do was invite five friends to the app… I probably could drum up 5 friends who wouldn’t be mad at the invitation, I already had one with Honey. So I scrolled through my Facebook friend list and ticked off five who would guess that I must be up to something and voila! Reloading the app, it was magic! I could really see all the someones.

Funniest profile pic of a bonjourer - seriously??

Funniest profile pic of a bonjourer – seriously??

While that did provide us with good giggles over our tea, the experiment as a whole was not as fulfilling as I had hoped, though thankfully it wasn’t a quick pick up site either, I’m not sure how I would have fared trying to dodge virtual advances. There was a touch of success with Mr. Doctor, who want to meet for a drink on Friday, I was already taken with a drink date with Honelicious and her old Paris gang. Racing across Montmartre to meet the group, I noticed I had someone walking/hopping in tandem beside me down the steps past Sacre Coeur. My new admirer managed to get in a bonjour, followed by declarations of amour and that I was made for him. Where was the Bye button when I needed it!  

I managed to brush him off by the time I got to the bar, but once inside, I got bonjoured up again, this time by a rotten-toothed aging carpenter. In true Tigresse form, once again, I was reminded that I don’t need structured gimmicks to meet someone, at least with the app you have a preview of the suitor and can accept or reject those bonjours. 

Even though (I don’t think) I’ve found my Jules this month, it was still worthwhile to endeavor on my mission, if nothing else it helped me realize what might and might not work, to be perseverant, watch out for signs à la Zeven and his 2.5 month relationship max), and try to distinguish the good from the bad, c’est possible, n’est pas?


  • Karin B says:

    That profile pic is hilarious!! Made me giggle — thanks.

    You know, as someone who clearly remembers dating in pre-Internet days (granted, I was only a college student, but still), my mind just boggles at the fact that “there’s an app for that”! Dating apps — who would’ve thunk it?!

    I’m glad you got to try a few more things and see what works and what does not. I’d day that is “Mission Accomplished” if not “Mec Accomplished” when it comes to figuring out this whole dating thing.

    Good for you. 😉

    • Thanks Karin!
      I really couldn’t resist posting that profile photo… the rest were very normal of faces, but that one… ah ha hah! I like the way you’ve put it, I’ll take the mission accomplished, and the mec will come along at the right time, I hope!

  • shani says:

    I really love reading your entries. I’m single in NYC, and I know that’s been done before. But it’s nice to see other people out there, especially in places where my imagination thinks would be wonderful to live in, and be able to commiserate.

    I’ll keep at it if you will!

    Shani x

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