10 Unique Romantic Gift Ideas

I’ve spent hours online trying to find unique romantic gifts, either in my own present shopping or in making my thematic gift lists. While it’s nice that the internet provides us with a myriad of options, it can hours and hours to shift through all the content. That’s when I stumbled upon a fabulous site which brings together a carefully crafted list of original gift ideas: UncommonGoods. Not only do they have a wide selection of cool items, the company follows a serious sustainable approach. this B Corp company is social and environmentally responsible, plus they works directly with real artists and very small manufacturers. I thought it could be fun to share some of the unique romantic gifts I found on their site that are perfect for women, men, couples, newlyweds and big-hearted friends! Check them out below!

Heart Dipped Lace Necklace

 For Those with a Big Heart 

I’m already a fan of heart-shaped necklaces, so I fell instantly in love with this delicate and beautiful Lace Dipped Necklace. It is actually handmade from from vintage lace which is then dipped in precious metals, a real labor of love! It makes a lovely gift for your sweetheart or even a true friend. 42 USD, find it here.

For a Cool Heart-on-their-Sleeve Wearer

This hip brass cuff is hand-cast from a real piece of birch bark which artist Nancy Nelson collected on the southern shore of Lake Superior. A great ideal for the nature loving hipster. 85 USD + shipping, get it here.


For the Creative Romantic on a Budget

I really did say “Ahhhh” when I came across this loveable gift. The “What I Love About You by Me” Book allows you to fill in all the adorable characteristics you love in your partner. A highly personal keepsake that requires a little creativity for a little price. 10 USD + shipping, start filling your pages here.

For Rainy City Romantic

Have a lovestruck friend or girlfriend in Seattle, London, Vancouver or Paris? This vibrant Crimson Heart Umbrella might be just the right gift for a resident of one of those rainy cities! 32 USD + shipping, see it here.

For Mr Indecisive

I usually have a lot of trouble finding unique gift ideas for men, so I was happy to see many cool items on their site. I couldn’t resist this Decision Paperweight which attempts to solve the age old issue of what to reply to women. Make their decision-making simple with this cute little devise. 18 USD + shipping, more on it here.

For the Experience “Banker”

I liked these saucy set of Love Tokens as it could be good for men, women or even as a Bachelorette gift. It helps keep romance original and fun! 18 USD + shipping, get them here.


For that Bride & Groom Who Have EVERYTHING

Since so many couples live together before getting married and thus acquire virtually everything they need for their household, even wedding gift registries might start becoming obsolete. This neat customizeable Over the Threshold Art could be a nice alternative wedding present other than handing over a cheque. You can have the newlywed’s names, the wedding venue and the date all included on this 1920s era poster. Price varies but starts at 300 USD, see it at this link and more personalized wedding presents here.

For the Cocktail-Loving DIYer

Want to shake up your date night? Create your own house cocktails – together – with this interactive Homemade Gin Kit. You add the flavors… and wait. Hopefully the results will yield good results, either way you’ll have guaranteed fun whipping up your batch! 50 USD + shipping, get stirring here.

For the Romantic Traveler

As both a lover and a traveler I adore this cool Heart Marks the Spot Pillow. It has a tiny edge of naughtiness (pillow talk or fight anyone…?) and it could also work as an nice anniversary present or even birthday present. 56 USD + shipping, get it here.

For a Special Anniversary

It can be hard to know what to get your partner for a special anniversary, this original custom Intersection of Love Photo Print leads you down the right path. You can have your and your partner’s names inserted on these NYC style street signs as well as the year when your paths first crossed. Other symbols can also be added for further customization or extra important anniversary. Starting from 75 USD + shipping, view it here.

 Uncommon Goods has an amazing variety of other items. Find more of their unique gift ideas here.

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