Color of Life – Expats International Photo Contest

Expats International Photo Contest Launching poster

I like taking photos, but after snapping away while traveling or walking around, thinking I’ve taken some actually good photos, flipping through them afterwards, I’m often disappointed with the results. What was I thinking? Where did that trash can come from? Amongst the duds there are a few gems, nevertheless at the beginning of the year, I made a mini resolution to improve my photography, and now I have an extra reason to do so…

For almost two years I’ve had the pleasure of teaming up on occasion, either virtually or in person, with the delightful Expats Paris group (or Expatries Parisiens in French). Run by the charming Michael Bahati, the every-growing and ever-innovating social community brings together and helps expatriates, immigrants and like-minded French people. When I saw the first tweets about their photo contest I wanted to see what it was all about.

A Unique Photo Project and Contest

The new Expats International Photo Contest is open to everyone, both professional and amateur photographers, presenting the chance to showcase their talent to the world. Under the theme of “Color of Life,”  the top 50 winners will have their work recognized on the website in addition to being published on the website and partner sites, in the contest’s catalogue and exhibited in Paris in December… how cool is that?

Expats Paris Photo Contest

The contest has attracted some excellent judges as well: Lindsey Kent: Founder and Managing Director of Pictours Paris, the award winning photographer Clarisse Rebotier; journalist Samira Hara; and the AFP Entertainment & Lifestyle editor Marc Burleigh.

I’m about to embark on a new adventure through Asia, so I’ll keep the theme in mind, a colorful continent full of life it is indeed… however, just walking down the street could present a lucky shot, keep your trigger finger ready and give it a shot, the contest and that color of life you come across.

The contest opens on April 10th and submissions close on July 10th – full details on their special site dedicated to the Expat Photo Contest.

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