Events To Attend With That Special Someone In London

London is a fabulous city for innumerable reasons. It also happens to be a very romantic one, in its own way, even if it doesn’t have the same reputation in this regard as a Paris or Rome. Whether you’re taking in famous, humbling sights together, doing some leisurely sightseeing, checking out lovely bars and restaurants, or doing some of the very British romantic activities we have written about before, there are a lot of ways to amuse yourselves in ways both entertaining and intimate.  Aside the lengthy lists of regular attractions, venues, and activities around London though, some traveling couples would also do well to look at events that might occur but once a year. London is home to plenty of them, and some can make for terrific romantic days and nights out. 

The Mayor’s Thames Festival

For the type of couple that likes to get out and enjoy events around town, not much beats the Mayor’s Thames Festival in London (pictured above). Held annually in September, it’s basically a full-fledged festival that goes well into the night. It takes place along the banks of the Thames and consists of musical performances (a “river opera” specifically), art exhibitions (sometimes floating on the water), short film screenings, fun and friendly crowds, and, at night, fireworks out over the water. It’s an event that can be fun for anyone, but makes for a lovely extended date night in particular. 


Wimbledon has a lot to offer. Purely on a sporting level it’s the most iconic and prestigious tennis tournament in the entire world, and seems to deliver thrills every year. From a fan perspective it’s a chance to get close to the sport, with a long-established market for active bettors and an intimate feel to live matches. From a couples’ perspective, there isn’t a specific aspect of Wimbledon that stands out as an obvious date destination. But it’s just such an inexplicably special place and event that you can’t help but fall in love with the process of enjoying it together. In that sense, it’s like scaling the Eiffel Tower, or hiking Machu Picchu; you’ll just have a more memorable experience with that special someone.

Hogwarts In The Snow

Okay, this is one that probably won’t appeal if you and your special someone don’t love Harry Potter. But since most people on Earth do seem to love Harry Potter — and since there’s always some kind of vague thread linking nostalgia, fantasy, and romance — it seems worth mentioning. Frankly, the Warner Bros. Studio Tour in London is always worth a visit, but the annual “Hogwarts In The Snow” attraction is all the more special. Basically, it’s like touring the real Hogwarts during the most charmed time of the year, complete with a Great Hall feast and a sort of simulation of the Yule Ball from the stories.

Bonfire Night

This, for those who aren’t familiar, is essentially a holiday in London, commemorating the famous “5th of November” occasion in the early 17th century when a rebel named Guy Fawkes attempted to blow up the Houses of Parliament. Every year Londoners celebrate the event by lightning bonfires, watching fireworks display, and enjoying some sweet autumn treats, all while engaging in general revelry. It’s fun with friends, or even on your own, but nothing beats fires and fireworks at night with your arm around your significant other. 

Chelsea Flower Show c. Herry Lawford
Chelsea Flower Show c. Herry Lawford

Chelsea Flower Show

A flower show is somewhat self-explanatory, and naturally this is ideal for the couples who appreciate nature, or just being outside with pretty surroundings. However, it’s more than your average garden stroll or flower shop visit, as An All-day Affair put it in a wonderful write-up a few years. It’s the simplest event on this list, but one of the loveliest if you hit it just right, with perfect weather, time to explore, and good displays to see.

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