Capturing your Romantic Paris Moments


Paris is certainly one of the most romantic places in the world to propose. Its iconic backdrop is eternal, but how can one capture the moment if the proposal is a surprise? You can now with the team of SnapLove Paparazzi. As you might gather by the name, their photographers act like hidden paparazzi, without one of the pair in the couple knowing. Its founder Irene B tells us more about this unique concept and read to the end to find out how you can win your own secret session with them!

Tell us a little about yourself and your background:

My name is Irene B, I’m the founder of SnapLove Paparazzi. I have been a photographer for 10 years and work in collaboration with other journalistic and paparazzi photographers.


What was the inspiration behind SLP?

Love, surprise, the memory, the success and the originality of a wedding proposal!

Tell us a little more about the concept of SLP?

The concept is to hire a paparazzi photographer to immortalize a marriage proposal (or special romantic moment) with the utmost discretion. The photographer becomes the accomplice of the person preparing this wedding proposal. It is an original way to prolong the pleasure of this unforgettable moment, and to make it the most beautiful proof of love that is, as those images can be offered afterwards as a gift to the proposee. It is also a way to share this proposal story with family and friends. The future groom has the choice to reveal the presence of the photographer during the shooting or to keep the surprise until receiving the edited and retouched images two days later.

10What’s different about your concept from a regular photo shoot?

The spontaneity, the unusual side, the surprise… As every wedding proposal is unique, the shooting must be synonymous!

Do you work with your clients to decide the location or do they usually have a place in mind?

They usually already have a place in mind, however, we recommend certain places that seem to be more adapted according to the time of shooting, the weather or just to give other suggestions more “unique” or typically parisian.


Can you give us an example of a special proposal you shot? 

Each wedding proposal has its own particularity. It is always a touching moment. I have in mind a beautiful wedding proposal in a Parisian park with a musical surprise: a violinist was involved into this proposal plan. He started playing the favorite song of the woman when they came up to him. She cried so much that we can see under her eyes light stubborn mascara on the pictures… it was really cute and moving.

Has anyone ever said no to a proposal you’ve been shooting??

Thank God, no! But if this were to happen then I think we should discreetly disappear with compassion (with the proposer’s agreement)……!

Where have your clients been from? 

From all over the world! USA, South Africa, Canada, Great Britain, Hong Kong…!


What would be your favorite place to do a shoot?

In a small hidden lane typical of Paris… unfortunately it does not interest the customers who prefer the known spots as the Eiffel Tower most of the time.

If you could choose one Paris monument to represent the spirit of SLP, which one would you choose?

Le Musée de la Vie Romantique, maybe? We love this romantic place with its little hidden garden. 

And, lastly, can you give us one adjective to describe SLP?



Merci Irène! You can contact her and her team via the site of SnapLove Paparazzi or follow their news on or instagram : @snaplovepaparazzi
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