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About Lily la Tigresse

(April) Lily Heise abandoned her native Canada for Paris in 2000. Ever since, she’s been trying—quite unsuccessfully—to stay out of romantic trouble. In addition to her book and blog, she is a regular contributor for Frommer’s Paris and France guides,  Conde Nast Daily TravelerHiP Paris and Context Travel. Her writing on travel and romance has also featured in the Huffington Post, Business Insider, City Secrets Guides, DK Eyewitness France, GLOW Magazine, Lonely Planet online, Girl Gone International Magazine and other publications. An extensive list of her articles can be found here.

More information on working with Lily here and her media kit can be found here.

Contact me at: jetaimemeneither @ gmail.com

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Inspirations for the Blog & Book

Je t’aime… moi non plus (translated as “I Love you… me neither) is a song by rebellious French  rock icon, Serge Gainsburg. Racy, intense and contradictory, the song’s title epitomizes the relationship the French have with romance (love, lust or otherwise). Paris is supposed to be the eternal city of amour, and it can be.

However, since arriving here many years ago, I continuously find myself victim—with varying degrees of willingness—to the city’s tormented sensual power… which inevitably leads to all kinds of amorous misadventures. From ferociously passionate to absurdly funny, the stories, snippets and features in this blog (and those in my book Je T’Aime, Me Neither) will hopefully: make you laugh and/or cry; make you love men or hate them; feel better for having made some of the same stupid mistakes; or grant you a little window into the je t’aime or the je ne t’aime pas of Paris. Lily travels extensively and though these lead to fewer romantic misadventures, they always lead to unique surprises, insights and local connections.



Many gifted people helped with the book and blog. Their patience and talents were much appreciated, here is a short list:

Book Editorial Team: My official editor is the excellent and astute Samantha Mehra, but unofficial editorial kudos must also go to Natasha Frid and Katrin Holt Dubreuil. Other special editorial and advice acknowledgements are listed in the book.

Cover Design: the beautiful cover of my book and the interior images were designed by the talented graphic designer Aurélie Dhuit.

Website Design: The Je T’Aime, Me Neither website was redesigned in mid-2015 by the creative Emilia Farrace of Simple Elaborate.

Photography: The elegant portrait photos of me in red were taken by savvy Pascale V. Marquis. Newer photos of me in the heart white and black dress around Montmartre were taken international photographer extraordinaires Jack and Jane Photography.

Any bad or semi-bad photos on the site were most certainly taken by … moi.