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Je t’aime… moi non plus (translated as “I Love you… me neither) is a song by rebellious French  rock icon, Serge Gainsburg. Racy, intense and contradictory, the song’s title epitomizes the relationship the French have with romance (love, lust or otherwise). Paris is supposed to be the eternal city of amour, and it can be.

However, since arriving here many years ago, I continuously find myself victim—with varying degrees of willingness—to the city’s tormented sensual power… which inevitably leads to all kinds of amorous misadventures. From ferociously passionate to absurdly funny, the stories, snippets and features in this blog (and those in the book) will hopefully: make you laugh and/or cry; make you love men or hate them; feel better for having made some of the same stupid mistakes; or grant you a little window into the je t’aime or the je ne t’aime pas of Paris.

This is not a blog about Paris. On these pages you will not really be reading about how I got here, what my favorite café is or how I had to cry to get my residence card at the préfecture (unless, of course, these subjects pertain to a specific story—by the way: the tears worked!). Nor is this is a dating blog. I don’t “date;” I stumble clumsily into romantic mischief.  There are many great blogs covering the above-mentioned topics; check some of them out on my blogroll.

About Lily la Tigresse

April Lily Heise abandoned her native Canada for Paris in 2000. Ever since, she’s been trying—quite unsuccessfully—to stay out of romantic trouble. She’s managed to remain in her heart city, subsisting on a variety of jobs, mainly in teaching and tourism. Writing or translating on the side, she has contributed to various travel publications (Frommer’s Paris and France guides and the Conde Nast Daily Traveler Blog, the Context Travel blog and the Hip Paris Blog, a more extensive list below). She has translated large sections of two books by noted French intellectual Jacques Attali, and wrote two business English language guides. The latter having nothing to do with her current book . . . other than naughtily inspiring one of its chapters.

Contact me at: jetaimemeneither@gmail.com

Articles by Lily

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5 thoughts on “About Lily & JTMN

  1. Felicatations, Lily. Lily la tigresse indeed! Such fun ..and it takes me back a generation (or two!). Merci beaucoup and I will definitely be buying the ‘Real’ book and hope to get it autographed by you this summer in Sunny Somerset…xDia

    • Merci Dia!
      Lots of fun adventure to last generations! And I would love to sign your copy of the book when we see each other in Somerset! Much looking forward to the special event and to seeing you!
      Bisous, Lily

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