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I have the pleasure of hosting two podcasts for the great podcast network, Paris Underground Radio! You can find these (and subscribe!) via your favorite podcast streaming service or directly on Paris Underground Radio, which also features a dozen other great Paris Podcasts. Information on my podcasts and links to listen below!

Romancing in Paris 

In each episode we discover one of my top romantic places per arrondissement of the city. Many of these gems are lesser known, and each spot has its own captivating history, often with surprising lovers or love stories! Fun and informative, the podcast is perfect for lovers… or lovers of Paris! 

  • Episode 1 – Le Palais Royal: In our very first episode, we meander through the gorgeous Palais Royal, home to fascinating history, a gorgeous hidden garden and other romantic appeal. We’ll encounter secret lovers, libertine masked balls, and maybe even gain a little insight into Napoleon’s own love life.
  • Episode 2 – la Galerie Vivienne: In this episode, we visit one of the most beautiful historic covered passageways in Paris, which is perfect for a romantic outing in more ways than one. She suggests her favorite way to stroll down the passage, complete with a game lovers can play along the way.
  • Episode 3 – l’Hotel de Soubise: Perhaps the best kept secret of the Marais, this episode visits the Hôtel de Soubise. Built for one of Louis XIV’s mistresses, it has sumptuous interiors with romantic allusions, as well as a series of beguiling secret gardens.
  • Episode 4 – la Rue des Barres: Today’s episode takes us into the heart of the 4th arrondissement to one of the most alluring streets in all of Paris. History and romance combine as we uncover the immense intrigue of this small street.
  • Episode 5 – le Quai de la Tournelle : In this episode, we do some waterside romancing by journeying across the Seine River to the 5th district. We’ll visit the loveliest stretch of the riverbank on the Left Bank. The Quai de la Tournelle offers spectacular viewpoints, romantic dining spots and fascinating history. Oh, so terribly romantic!
  • Episode 6 – la Rue Furstemberg: This episode takes us into the heart of the 6th arrondissement and to one of Paris’s most romantic spots: a tiny square in the Saint-Germain district. We’ll discover artists who found inspiration here, including one who was romantic in more ways then one!
  • Episode 7 – le Square Roger-Stéphane: In this episode we venture to the chic 7th district to enter one of the loveliest secret gardens in Paris – one which was also a favorite of a pair of famous historic lovers. Tune in to discover who, and to enjoy some seductive romancing yourself!
  • Episode 8 – Le Musée Jacquemart-André: This episode travels to the posh 8th district to visit one of the most romantic museums in Paris. Set within an opulent private mansion, it houses an incredible art collection, the life’s work and labor of love of its founders: Édouard André and Nélie Jacquemart.
  • Episode 9 – la Maison Souquet: Join us as we travel to a small side street in the 9th district to visit Paris’s most seductive bar, found in a chic boutique hotel with a risqué past. Its oh la la history and sensual decor make it the perfect place for kindling romance. Listen in to discover the history of Pigalle and this unique venue. 
  • Episode 10 – Place Franz Listz: This episode strikes a different romantic chord as we visit a lesser known, charming square in the 10th district named after romantic composer Franz Liszt. Hidden spots and an alluring café also add to the square’s romantic appeal.
  • Episode 11 – Passage LHomme: What do Revolutionaries and furniture-makers have in common? Discover this in today’s episode as we journey to the 11th district to visit a magical passageway, frozen in the 19th century.
  • Episode 12 – Coulée Verte René Dumont: Care to join us for a stroll on Paris’ most unique romantic walkway? In this episode join us on the original high line, the Coulée Verte René-Dumont. Romantic alcoves, unique viewpoints, ice cream and picnicking, perfect for Romancing!
  • Episode 13 – the Castle of the White Queen: Did you know that there was an ancient castle tucked away in the 13th district? Medieval queens, royal balls gone wrong, a quirky modern fairytale and Paris’s hidden river – oh la la! Get ready for a romantic adventure!
  • Episode 14 – The Abbey and Cloisters of Port Royal: Would you like to discover one of the best secret spots in Paris? Listen in as we visit an alluring and very hidden 400-year-old cloisters which tales a surprising historic drama of royal mistresses, rampant bears and poisonings!
  • Episode 15 – Ile aux Cygnes: Fancy a stroll by the water’s edge? In this episode we visit Paris’s lesser known third island, with something of a love-bird history, a bridge between the US and France and exceptional views of Paris’s most famous site.
  • Episode 16 – la Maison de Balzac: Hidden within the elegant buildings of the 16th district was the hideaway of one of most important French writers of the 19th century, Honoré de Balzac. Join us as we visit the charming cottage with a garden café and stunning views of the Eiffel Tower and learn about the many romantic intrigues of this famous writer.
  • Episode 17 – le Square des Batignolles: This episode travels to the 17th arrondissement to visit the district’s prettiest place. Pack a picnic and make your way to the beautiful Square des Batignolles!
  • Episode 18 – l’Allée des Brouillards: What do a singing diva, an impressionist painter and fog have in common? Find out in this episode of Romancing in Paris which visits one of the top romantic spots in all of Paris, hidden away in the 18th!
  • Episode 19 – la Butte Bergeyre: Get your walking boots on and join us in this new episode as we visit la “Butte” Bergeyre, a hidden village neighborhood in the 19th arrondissement, a hundred meters up and with picturesque cobbled streets, charming houses and some surprises!
  • Episode 20 – le Pavillon de l’Ermitage: Journey with us to one of the most elegant secret romantic spots in Paris, the remains of a former royal estate and love nest… oh la la! The 20th district is more romantic than one would think! Listen in to find out why.
  • Episode 21 – The Most Romantic Places in Paris in Springtime: There’s nothing quite like springtime in Paris, the ideal season for romancing! For this episode, you’ll travel around Paris to visit the most romantic places for the season. Discover gardens adorned in magnolias, lanes laden in wisteria, cherry blossom-filled parks, and more!
  • Episode 22 – le Chateau de Malmaison: In this episode we venture beyond the city limits of Paris and to one of the most romantic sites, both in history and in ambiance, le Château de Malmaison. We are joined by expert Dr. Susan Taylor-Leduc, art historian and founder of Picturesque Voyages, as we learn about the intriguing and romantic history of this castle and its famous owner couple, Joséphine and Napoléon Bonaparte.
  • Episode 23 – the Most Romantic Bridges in Paris: Get your walking shoes on and pucker up your lips! In today’s episode we take a fabulous jaunt across the city, or rather along the Seine River, as we visit some of the city’s most romantic bridges, the perfect places for stealing kisses and romantic photos.
  • Episode 24 – la Cour Carrée: How can you add some romance to one of Paris’s most famous and busiest sites? Join me as we visit la Cour Carrée of the Louvre… at night! Completely enchanting and romantically lit at night, in this episode we learn about the construction of this part of the Louvre Palace and the romantic King who oversaw this.
  • Episode 25:  L’Opera Comique: In today’s episode, we visit a secret jewel-box theatre in the 2nd district whose history involves a romantic couple, arrest warrants, tragic fires, and exchanging laughter instead of canon balls. Join us as we visit the gorgeous Opéra Comique!
  • Episode 26 – Square Saint-Gilles Grand-Veneur Pauline-Roland: Join us as we journey to one of the loveliest secret gardens in Paris. Once you find it, Cupid’s arrow will most certainly strike! Tune in to find out why!
  • Episode 27 – la Place Louis Aragon: In this episode we visit one of the smallest squares in Paris. Small in size, but large in wow factor, views, romance and a namesake of one of the 20th century’s greatest lovers!
  • Episode 28 – Les Arènes de Lutèce: Take a trip back in time, to Roman Paris and one of the oldest sites in Paris, a secret and romantic place which just so happened to have been saved by one of the most passionate writers of the 19th century!
  • Episode 29 – Lapérouse: Care to dine in the most seductive historic restaurant in Paris? Private dining rooms, diamonds and historic lovers… tune into this tantalizing episode to whet your appetite for romance! 
  • Episode 30 – Le Musée Rodin: Where passion and art meet! Join us for a fervent episode covering one of the greatest love stories in art history, or even French history. This passionate story is combined with an incredible romantic setting! 
  • Episode 31 – The Most Romantic Castles of the Loire: Enjoy a romantic escapade from Paris by visiting these beguiling and terribly romantic chateaux in the heart of France’s castle country! Lover’s hideaways, the residences of royal mistresses, love gardens, and more!
  • Episode 32 – Le Parc Monceau: In this episode, we visit to one of the most beautiful and historically fascinating of Paris’ parks, designed for lovers and popular with lovers today! Special guest, leading garden historian Dr. Susan Taylor Leduc, offers her wonderful insight into the origins of this unique and very romantic garden. 
  • Episode 33 – Le Musée Gustave Moreau: In this episode as we visit one of the most beautiful studio-museum’s in Paris, filled with seductive art… and with a surprising romantic story to tell!
  • Episode 34 – Le Canal St-Martin: Join us for a waterside stroll, not along the Seine, but instead along the pretty Canal St. Martin, home to cool shops, restaurants, bars… and plenty of romantic spots!
  • Episode 35 – La Cour Damoye: Take a jaunt down the most magical of the passageways of the 11th district, one with intriguing connections to historic city walls, WWI… and coffee! 
  • Episode 36 – Le Train Bleu: Hop aboard for a romantic journey to one of the most enchanting restaurants in Paris and one of the most beautiful station restaurants in the world.
  • Episode 37 – Le Quartier des Peupliers: In this episode, we take a less trodden path by visiting this little known, yet extremely charming, secret pocket of the 13th district.
  • Episode 38 – L’Entrepot: Lights, Camera… Romance! Take a journey to 14th district in this episode as we visit the perfect all in one date night spot, with a bar, restaurant, cinema, gallery and concert space, L’Entrepot.
  • Episode 39 – Le Musée Bourdelle: Venture to the 15th district in this episode as we visit one of the most romantic historic art studios in Paris, complete with lover’s gardens and a forbidden love tale worthy of being sculpted in stone!
  • Episode 40 – Romantic Versailles: In this episode, we travel out to Versailles through the eyes of Queen Marie-Antoinette with special guest Dr. Susan Taylor-Leduc. She shares her expertise on the romantic side of France’s most famous queen and gives great tips on how to make the most of a romantic visit to Versailles.
  • Episode 41 – Theatre le Ranelagh: Travel to one of the most romantic theatres in Paris, one with very romantic origins. Fear not if you don’t speak French, you can attend even if you’re not fluent. Tune in to find out more!
  • Episode 42 – Le Musée Henner: Venture back to la Belle Epoque to visit the alluring art-studio home of one of the era’s top painters, forgotten by time… although not by visitors to the intriguing Musée Henner.
  • Episode 43 – L’Avenue Junot: Art Deco mansions, famed singing lovers, tales of bohemians, and hidden places…. Oh la la… Join us as we take a stroll down one of the most unique streets of Montmartre: l’Avenue Junot.
  • Episode 44 – Le Parc des Buttes-Chaumont: Discover the fascinating history behind, and the romantic side, to one of the Parisian’s best-loved parks, Les Buttes Chaumont, more than just a place for a stroll!
  • Episode 45 – Le Village Charonne: Join us for a virtual visit to one of the most charming, little-known former villages within Paris…. The perfect place for a romantic stroll!
  • Episode 46 – Le Parc Rives de Seine: Partake in the perfect riverside stroll (or possibly drink or meal) in Paris, featuring some of the most spectacular and romantic views found in the whole city.
  • Episode 47 – Le Passage des Panoramas: Where can the best collection of date restaurants in one place be found? Just check down this historic and somewhat quirky historic passageway!
  • Episode 48 – Le Musée Cognacq-Jay: Journey to the heart of the Marais as we visit another art collection, founded by love! Set in a historic mansion, the Musée Cognacq-Jay is a lovely setting to witness the history of the Marais, view some amorous artwork collected by a powerful couple and enjoy a lovers’ moment in a romantic garden.
  • Episode 49 – Le Village Saint-Paul: Wander off the beaten path in the south Marais as we visit the Village Saint-Paul, a hidden maze of courtyards with small boutiques, charming cafés and plenty of romantic appeal!
  • Episode 50 – Le Rue Mouffetard & la Place de la Contrescarpe: Accompany us on a stroll on one of Paris’s most charming streets, which reaches one of its loveliest squares. Along the way up the street and through the centuries, we’ll stop at a number of great restaurants, cafés and places to pick up picnic supplies!
  • Episode 51 – The Most Romantic Historic Restaurants in the 6th: Work up an appetite for romance in this latest episode as you take a delicious tour around the most alluring historic restaurants of the 6th district.

Listen to all the episodes here. Or you can also find it at these links: Spreaker, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music.


Paris Cachée

This podcast travels around the city to reveal one lieu caché, a hidden place. Mysterious monuments, curious cafés, secret gardens or shops frozen in time; no matter what it is, it will always be hidden in plain sight, and always have an intriguing story to tell.

  • Episode 1: The Medici Column: In this first episode, you’ll discover the bewitching story behind the first column ever built in Paris. One virtually nobody knows about. A column built by a superstitious queen and shrouded in mystery, magic and the occult.
  • Episode 2: Passage de la Trinité: Paris is known for its beautiful passageways, but you probably have never heard of the secret life of one of the city’s oldest, yet very hidden, passageways in the 2nd arrondissement. From religious refuge to Paris’s first theatre, this tale is as winding as the passageway itself.
  • Episode 3: La Courtille Barbette: In this episode we travel to the 3rd arrondissement of Paris to visit the curious remains of a medieval enclave in the Marais. Tune in to discover its turbulent history, involving angry mobs, murder and adulterous royals.
  • Episode 4: Rue du Trésor: This episode takes us into the heart of the 4th arrondissement. We uncover the story behind the mysteriously named rue du Trésor, and investigate the incredible treasure hidden beneath it for centuries.
  • Episode 5: Collège de Beauvais: We venture to the 5th arrondissement of Paris to unearth the remains of the neighborhood’s Medieval colleges. Our tale also involves an infamous musketeer and libertine who would have the religious founder of this certain college rolling in its grave!
  • Episode 6: La Librarie Monte Cristo: Move over Lost Generation… the 6th arrondissement’s links to Paris’s literary heritage go back much further than the 1920s. Join us for un voyage extraordinaire in this episode which visits a special bookshop, frozen in time.

Listen to all the episodes here. Or you can also find it at these links: Spreaker, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music.