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Lily Heise is a published author and travel writer (more on her background and work here). You can peruse her travel articles for international and Paris-based publications at this link. Learn more about her three Paris books below and read more information on her guidebook work here.

There’s Only One Paris: Tales for our Times

A collection of interconnected short stories taking place in pandemic Paris

“There’s only one Paris, and however hard living here may be, and if it became worse and even harder, [the city does] a world of good.” — Vincent van Gogh 

There's Only One Paris book coverIn the midst of a global pandemic, the artist’s words resonate more than ever. Through a series of interconnected stories, we journey to this one and only Paris and take a glimpse at how it and its residents are adapting to the “new normal.” As we traverse the city’s 20 arrondissements, we encounter an eclectic cast of characters who must confront a range of new challenges and emotions which have arisen due to Covid-19. By daring to overcome anxiety, loneliness and stubbornness, they find courage, love and, most importantly, hope, exactly what we need in these uncertain times. In the face of adversity, the City of Light still sparkles—and proves that it does a world of good and does the world good.

View a preview here, see my Amazon page for print and e-books at this link.  The audiobook can also be purchased at this link (for a discount) or is also available on Audible. If you’re in Paris, you can also get print copies at the Red Wheelbarrow Bookshop.

 JE T’AIME… MAYBE? (book II)

The Sequel to Je T’Aime, Me Neither


After barely surviving a turbulent series of romantic misadventures in the City of Love (found in the first volume, Je T’aime, Me Neither), our heart-torn heroine Lily is ready to throw in the towel on amour. That is, until she receives a very unexpected email—one which revives her hope in finding true love … yet at the same time awakens the mischievous, passionate energy of Paris.

Will she manage to connect with her potential soul mate, located on the other side of the globe? And if she does … then what? Could she leave her beloved Paris to pursue a different sort of love? A challenging dilemma made all the more complicated by love-struck policemen knocking at her door; elegant Counts tempting her with glamorous trips to the tropics; rebellious rock stars whisking her off to concerts around Europe; and a whole new crew of troublesome romantic contenders who emerge from the Parisian woodwork. It’s an exciting journey, but will it lead her to a heart-filled heaven … or heartless purgatory.

“Romantic misadventures in the City of Love? Count me in! Hilarious and entertaining, one of the best parts of this romantic tale is that it’s based on true events. If you’ve ever dreamed of finding love in the City of Light, grab this book and follow Lily la Tigresse on her lively journey!” – Vicki Lesage, author of Confessions of a Paris Party Girl

“If you’re looking for a sort of Parisian-style Bridget Jones, you’ll love Je T’Aime… Maybe?” – Heather Stimmler-Hall, author of Naughty Paris: A Lady’s Guide to the Sexy City.

Learn more about my book in this interview on my new book on the website My Life Living Abroad and read the first chapter online in this preview here.

Je T’aime… Maybe? was also a finalist in the Best of Paris Contest in the Best Paris Book category!

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 Je T’Aime, Me Neither (book I)

Couv_website (1)Is Paris really the eternal City of Love? Dumped suddenly by her Parisian boyfriend, sultry expat Lily is left wondering if je t’aime still exists. Instead of crying into her glass of wine, she decides to heal her bruised ego and quash her romantic doubts with a carefree summer fling . . . or as the French call it: une aventure.

Supported by her faithful friends and trusty Saint Amour wine, Lily embarks on her presumably easy quest. Little does she know what—or whom—this adventure has in store! Rather than guide her into the arms of a perfect summer amoureux,  the sexy streets of Paris lead her from one impossible candidate to another: disappearing foxy Frenchmen, unavailable Latino heartthrobs, overly-mysterious world travelers, mistress-hunting married men, and not-so-single amnesiacs—oh la la!

As her amorous mishaps accumulate, Lily gradually re-evaluates her strategy. But will her good intentions be enough to lead her to the right homme . . . one who might last out the summer—and maybe even beyond? Or will she continue to get embroiled in more mésaventure? This novelized memoir tells the tantalizingly true romantic odyssey of a 21st-Century young woman caught in the mire of desires—which is only intensified by the passion of Paris.

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