Je T’aime, Me Neither the book

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Is Paris really the eternal City of Love? Dumped suddenly by her Parisian boyfriend, sultry expat Lily is left wondering if je t’aime still exists. Instead of crying into her glass of wine, she decides to heal her bruised ego and quash her romantic doubts with a carefree summer fling . . . or as the French call it: une aventure.

Supported by her faithful friends and trusty Saint Amour wine, Lily embarks on her presumably easy quest. Little does she know what—or whom—this adventure has in store! Rather than guide her into the arms of a perfect summer amoureux,  the sexy streets of Paris lead her from one impossible candidate to another: disappearing foxy Frenchmen, unavailable Latino heartthrobs, overly-mysterious world travelers, mistress-hunting married men, and not-so-single amnesiacs—oh la la!

As her amorous mishaps accumulate, Lily gradually re-evaluates her strategy. But will her good intentions be enough to lead her to the right homme . . . one who might last out the summer—and maybe even beyond? Or will she continue to get embroiled in more mésaventure? This novelized memoir tells the tantalizingly true romantic odyssey of a 21st-Century young woman caught in the mire of desires—which is only intensified by the passion of Paris.

Want a sneak peak? Read preview chapters at this link: Je T’Aime, Me Neither preview!

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How to get the book

Print copies are available in person at the following locations:

PARIS: The Abbey Bookstore, 29 rue de la Parcheminerie 75005, +33 1 46 33 16 24

TORONTO: Ben McNally Books, 366 Bay St. 416-361-0032

OTTAWA: Perfect Books, 258 Elgin St, 613-231-6468

PETERBOROUGH: Chapters, 873 Lansdowne St, 705-740-2272

Or Purchase your print and eBook copies

Amazon buttonOnline purchase of print and e-books can be made on Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon FR and others, here is the direct link to the Kindle. It is also available in Kobo/FNAC reader format which also works on iPads (Note: Canadians wanting to purchase print copies online must go through Amazon US, though the kindle is available on


5 replies

    • Hello Sharon,

      Thank you for your interest in the book!

      The book is available on Amazon but I’ve just learnt that Amazon doesn’t have a Australia specific site.

      So for a e-book, you can use Amazon UK or it’s also available on Kobo Australian. For a physical copy you can buy via Amazon Global (more info at this link: )

      Or on this page you can see the paypal buttons, if you’d like to pay in pounds or US dollars you can buy one here and a signed copy with be sent from France.

      I hope that helps and thanks for the push for me to find a bookshop in Australia to carry copies!

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