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Here are my most recent articles. Some of these articles are great for exploring Paris (and Spain… and Romance) whereas there are more suggestions on Paris and useful Paris tips, sites and articles by other authors in the Paris Dating Ideas section.

Chasing Love: Three Perfect Paris Valentine’s Day Itineraries (HiP Paris)

Romantic Summer in Paris Offbeat Itineraries (HiP Paris)

Top 5 Summer Secret (or almost) Lovers’ Hideouts in Paris (The Tourist in Paris)

Explore Wild Western Brittany (Rendezvous en France – France Tourism)

Fairy Tales and Futuristic Fun in the Enchanting Loire Valley (Rendezvous en France – France Tourism)

A Stroll Through Pigalle and SoPi (Paris Up Close & Personal)

A short Break in Saint Etienne (Rendezvous en France – France Tourism)

Edith Piaf Centennial: Tracing the Roots of La Mome in Paris (HiP Paris)

Your Top 10 Ideas for Romancing Springtime in Paris (The Tourist in Paris)

Remembrance and Tranquility in Northeastern France (Rendezvous en France – France Tourism)

Stories of Love in Paris, Happy Valentine’s Day (HiP Paris)

Top 5 Romantic Bars of the Left Bank (The Tourist in Paris)

Top 5 Romantic Bars of the Right Bank (The Tourist in Paris)

3 Hours in Barcelona (CNTraveler)

Winter in Paris Hot Chocolate Melty Cheese and Fireplace Bars in the City of Love  (HiP Paris)

Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Paris (CNTraveler, Business Insider)

The One Dish You Must Eat in Madrid (CNTraveler)

Following Vincent van Gogh in Auvers-sur-Oise (HiP Paris)

A Stroll throughout Charonne Village (Paris Up Close & Personal)

The Guinguette Revival – 30s-style Dancing, Drinking and Dining along the Seine  (HiP Paris)

Ten Reasons to Love Paris in August (HiP Paris)

Strolling through Paris Part II: Historic Tower Tour (HiP Paris)

How Not to Look Like a Tourist in Paris (Huffington Post and CNTraveler)

Strolling Through Paris, Part I: An Outdoor Itinerary in the 12ème Arrondissement  (HiP Paris)

Taking on the Marais (guest post Vicki Lesage Blog)

Beautiful Historic Cinemas You Must Visit in Paris (CNTraveler)

Be My Parisian Valentine: 3 Romantic Itineraries in the City of Light (HiP Paris)

Great Vegetarian Restaurants in Madrid (CNTraveler)

Revitalized El Raval is the Barcelona Neighborhood You Don’t Want to Miss (CNTraveler)

Paris Walking Routes that Show Visitors the Authentic City (Perrin Report)

Single Lifestyle Abroad (Girl Gone International)

The City of Love: Quirky Date Ideas for Adventurous Romantics in Paris (HiP Paris)

Didn’t Score Tickets to any Paris Runway Shows? Go Here. (CNTraveler)

The Essential Tour of Barcelona’s Classic Modernista Architecture (CNTraveler)

Paris Summer Romance (HiP Paris)

Why Couldn’t I Just Say Non? (GLOW Magazine)

Visiting Versailles: How to Beat the Crowds and Keep Your Sanity (CNTraveler)

A Madrid Excursion: 5 Reasons to Skip Toledo and Head to Segovia (CNTraveler)

Experience Gertrude Stein’s Paris (HiP Paris)

Things to See in Paris: One More Reason to Call it the City of Light (CNTraveler)

Must Try Christmas Treats from Paris (CNTraveler)

Secrets of Notre Dame (CNTraveler)

Monet at the Grand Palais (HiP Paris)

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That’s Paris an Anthology of Life, Love and Sarcasm in the City of Light: Featuring one of my short stories, the popular anthology reached #1 on Amazon’s Hot New Release in Essays & Travelogues within the first week. Print and Kindle versions of the book available on Amazon here.

City Secrets Paris, the Essential Insider’s Guide: A lovely alternative guide to Paris. City Secrets is a selection of essays by food and travel writers, artists, photographers, wine connoisseurs, chefs, couturiers, fashion stylists, interior designers, among many others of their favorite overlooked places in Paris.

Frommer’s France (Complete Guide): Regional specialist, contributing writer.

Frommer’s Paris (Complete Guide)Regional specialist, contributing writer.

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