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This is a selection of books and products that I have brought together which I think my readers would like. These include my own books to my recommended reading on Paris.Purchasing through here offers you a curated shopping list on Paris, France and travel, all with the romantic zest this site is known for.

Most of the links go to Amazon, where you proceed to shop as you normally would on the site. Clicking through may activate an affiliate link which means I would receive a small commission on the sale, however, there is no additional cost to you whatsoever. Thank you for your interest and support. Happy shopping!


Lily’s Books

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Selected Paris/France Guides

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Paris Non-Fiction & Memoirs

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Paris Skip the Line Tickets

Save precious time when you’re in Paris by purchasing advance, skip the line tickets to the sites you’d like to visit. Considering a Paris Museum Pass? It’s only worth it if you plan on going to more than two sites per day… otherwise you are better off just getting advance tickets to specific sites.