6 Cool Must-Listen Paris Podcasts

The past few years there’s been a revival of the podcast, a trend which has also led to a fabulous flourishing of Paris podcasts. From the historical to today’s Paris, from food to cocktails and from the quirky to the racy, here are my favorite podcasts (and a few bonus radio shows!) that are a must listen for both residents and dreamers of Paris!


The Earful Tower

Started about a year ago by local Aussie journalist Oliver Gee (of the Local France and more, above right with a copy of my latest book), this fun podcast takes on a French or Paris related subject in each episode such as oddball French vocabulary, little known historical and cultural topics or best bars per arrondissement (featuring Forest Collins of 52 Martinis included below). Speaking of guests… most of their episodes have a special invitée, a local expert in a topic, tour guides (like Corey Frye of French Frye in Paris who is a regular) and writers like myself. I had a blast discussing embarrassing mistakes in French with Oliver a few months back which you can listen to it here and you’ll also check mention of me in a few other episodes so listen out for them! Stay up to date on their latest shows on their Facebook or Website.

Paris Paname

Created by actress, comedian and tour guide extraordinaire Amber Minogue, this podcast aims to reveal “hidden Paris in plain sight”. Covering a secret, lesser known topic in each show, Amber tackles subjects including the history of the guillotine, the Bastille square and prison, la Cour des Miracles… hey wait a second, what’s that, miracles?? Well, you’ll just have to listen in to find out! Amber is engaging, well researched and each podcast is a pleasure to listen to and I learn something new about this intriguing city every time. Facebook / Website.


52 Martinis 

Forest Collins has earned the title of Paris’ cocktail queen, she’s the mastermind behind the longstanding cocktail and bar focused website 52 Martinis and reports on the Paris cocktail scene for various international media. You can also further explore the city’s cocktail bars via her new new app (more information on the app as well as Forest’s favorite romantic bars in this article she wrote for us). In addition, Forest shares her cocktail wisdom, and that of industry experts, on her wonderful podcasts covering new openings, trends and thoughtful topics like females in the cocktail industry. Be sure to listen to the whole episode for her suggested cocktail at the end. Follow her news on her Facebook and listen into the podcast on her website.

Photo Paris Paysanne

Paris Paysanne

One of the more established of the new wave of Paris podcasters, Emily Dilling is the author of the fabulous cookbook My Paris Market Cookbook, runs her website, Paris Paysannewhich includes her blog and regular podcast, as well as writes on Paris and French food for local and international media. The podcast generally revolves around the Paris food scene including restaurants, markets and events, however, you may also hear about women doing interesting things in Paris and food. Stay in touch with Emily and this podcast on her Facebook page and website.


Photo The New Paris / Lost in Cheeseland

The New Paris

If you are interest in learning more about new trends in Paris, then this is the podcast for you. Hosted by writers Lindsey Tramuta (of Lost in Cheeseland) and Alice Cavanagh, the show is an extension of Lindsey’s book of the same name. You’ll discover what’s evolving in modern Paris from coffee to pastries and from fashion to visitors perspectives of the city as well as “meet” some of the people who are instrumental in creating “the new Paris”. You can listen to the show here, hosted on World Radio Paris, another great resource for great shows on Paris, so bookmark them and check out their regular programming.

The Faux Pas-Cast

I’ve save the sexiest for the last! Hot on the Paris podcast scene, this is a lively bi-monthly podcast which strives to conquer taboos topics of “the City of Love” and is hosted by American dual and Paris residents Mollie Laylin and Jennifer Fox Geraghty. Is Paris really the forward thinking, more sexually open place that it’s made out to be? Find out in this saucy show featuring interviews with French personalities (think burlesque dancers, bra designers and sexy musicians!),  as well as insight from their own experiences and impressions from living in Paris. Tune in here (please subscribe!) and follow their news on their Facebook page.

BONUS! Paris Radios 

In addition to the interesting, Paris-focused shows which you can listen to on World Radio Paris, there’s another radio station that broadcasts Paris around the world, Ex-pat Radio. Run by the humorous David Hailwood, the station places quite a lot of music but also has a variety of shows dealing with expat topics, which a leaning towards France (where the station was founded).

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