Paris & France Holiday Gift Ideas You Can Buy Online (2019)

Paris Holiday gift ideas

It’s that time of year… many of you will be starting your holiday shopping and are looking for the perfect gift for your Francophile friends and family members. Every year I try to come up with a list of great Paris and France theme holiday gifts that could appeal to various people and budgets, but also predominantly new releases in addition to being either things made in France or inspired by France (i.e. books). As always, these are things that can be shipped to the US and Canada and. in most cases, around the globe!

The Seine: The River That Made Paris

One of this year’s much anticipated Paris books, former New York Times correspondent Elaine Sciolino has written a beautiful ode to the river which flows through Paris: La Seine. A compelling story which reveals the history and life of the river, including many anecdotes and aspects that few people know about this beloved body of water. It’s a compelling read for those who love Paris or anyone preparing a trip here. More info on Amazon here

Bordeaux Totes & Clutches by Kasia Dietz

Talented local bag designer Kasia Dietz has come out with some wonderful new lines this year and my favorite is the Bordeaux collection. Inspired by the famous French wine city, it’s not surprising that a deep red is the primary color, however, of the four different tote bags and clutches two are also in black and white. These are made of 100% cotton fabric of a Christian Lacroix design and the larger bags have a leather outside pocket. Like all of her bags, these are made in Paris and can be shipped internationally. View the Bordeaux line here and peruse Kasia’s other stylish bags at this link.

Paris In A Chocolate

Paris In A Chocolate™

Your sweet-tooth sweetheart will be in seventh heaven with a box of luxurious Paris In a Chocolate™ chocolates. The grand cachet chocolates are made of 100% French chocolate and filled with French orange cognac liqueur. Created by chef Ann Kirseböm, the chocolates are an exact replica of the Marnier family seal and were inspired by Ann’s personal links with the Marnier-Lapostolle family of Grand Marnier and her licensing agreement with the brand. On the seal of the chocolates is Paris’ most emblematic monument: la Tour Eiffel. Boxes of eight can be shipped around the US and Canada. More on these refined chocolates and to order here.

 Notre Dame de Paris: A Celebration of the Cathedral

Notre-Dame Cathedral has been on the minds of Paris lovers the world over since its tragic fire in April. Author Kathy Borrus pays a moving and detailed homage to the iconic church in her recently released book NOTRE DAME DE PARIS: A Celebration of the Cathedral. Some of you might already be familiar with Kathy from her book Five Hundred Buildings of Paris, this new book is equally well researched and chronicles the various ages of the cathedral from its birth to modern times. Her prose is aided by excellent images, including some rarely seen photographs. This is the ideal present  of Notre-Dame. More information on Amazon here.

Rebecca Plotnick Photo Prints

Keep Paris “in the sight” of your favorite Francophile with the beautiful prints of Rebecca Plotnick. The gifted photograph (who also runs the blog Every Day Parisian) has an eye for the magic of the city which she captures in the wonderful range of photo prints available on her site. I thought this gorgeous image of Notre Dame In Spring was particularly fitting this year, I think it’s the perfect homage of the cathedral and a sign of rebirth too! on the site are hundreds of other stunning images from cafés to quiet streets and from food to original perspectives on famous sites. 

Guimauve de Noël Candle

Bring the aromas of a French Christmas to your home with these wonderful scented candles. By French niche perfume brand Parle Moi de Parfum, the “Guimauve de Noël” scented candle blends orange Blossom, liquorice and caramel to evoke the holiday season. The company also has a perfume in the same line as well as a refined collection of perfumes and candles using top quality essences. Learn more about this family-run brand here.

Poilâne: The Secrets of the World-Famous Bread Bakery

If you’re shopping for a French food lover, then this book could be just the right gift. Written by the granddaughter of the founders of Paris most famous bakery and now director of the brand, in Poilâne: The Secrets of the World-Famous Bread Bakery Apollonia Poilâne reveals the recipes and techniques of the renowned loaf as well as recipes for pastries and other dishes making use of bread down to the last crumb. See more on the book at this link.

Illustrated Prints & Postcards by Anthony Tambourini

I first discovered the work of talented illustrator Anthony Tambourini through Instagram. Currently living and working full time in Liverpool, England, Anthony returned to his art school roots to pull himself out of a bad patch and travels through his pen back to previous trips to London, Paris and the French Riviera. He has done custom illustrations as well as work for magazines and books. He has wonderfully captured Paris in his pen and ink drawings of the city’s cafés, streets, famous monuments and secret places. These are now available in a magical series of prints and postcards, printed on high grain, high-quality paper. A selection of prints can be purchased on Urbansider or postcards and prints can be bought directly through Anthony on Instagram here (Sets of 5 postcards go for £20 and prints sized A4 go for €40). 

Patch NYC Fragonard Gift Set

Another favorite brand of mine when looking for gifts to bring home from France, Fragonard has shops around Paris in addition to a North American designated shop for shipping on the continent. Made in Fragonard’s perfume factory in the South of France, their exquisite products would surely put a large smile on your francophile giftee’s face. I thought this France meets the US gift set would be perfect!  spellbinding Franco-American encounter! The set was inspired by Fragonard’s collaboration with New York designers Patch NYC and is a limited edition scented box collection. More on this collection and their lines available abroad on their website.

Edmond Fallot French Mustard 3-Pack

I have a confession to make. In that rush at the airport when I’m heading home, I am always fretting “have I picked up enough gifts for everyone?” And I almost inevitably grab this 3-pack of Edmond Fallot mustards at the duty free shop. The good news is, you don’t have to fly all the way to France and back (although that is much more fun albeit costly), in order to get some, they now sell it on Amazon here. Since Maille is now more available in grocery stores, this mustard makes for a more original choice, plus the 3-pack comes in more unique flavors and various options are available.

Je T’Aime, Maybe? & Je T’Aime, Me Neither

Lastly, in case you are shopping for someone who has both a good sense of humor and a love for France, then they might enjoy one of my books! Sassy tales on the quest for romance in Paris, we discover that Paris is not always the city of love… but a lot of fun and unbelievable misadventures can happen along the way!  My first book, Je T’Aime, Me Neither is available here and the squeal is here (although it’s not necessary to have read the first one beforehand).

Happy shopping and preparing for the holidays everyone!

For more ideas check my posts from previous years, 2018 and 2017 — some of the items might still be available or updated!

Disclaimer: I might earn a very small commission from some of the above purchase which helps me maintain my site. Thank you in advance for your understanding and support.

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