All I Really Want for Christmas Isn’t…

photo (56)After the topsy-turvy November challenge, I was on the verge of declaring a ceasefire with cupid. I reckoned that I at least needed to refocus my energy and do some evaluating on what I was really looking for in a possible Mr Right; to come up with a sort of wishlist of characteristics. The problem was I would always do this in bed before falling asleep and thus would never quite finish the list, the following consequences reminded me that you have to be careful what you wish for!

In the boy wish-listing I’d basically gotten as far as  “I want him to really like me” and why don’t we throw in possibly somewhat tall, dark and a tad handsome and then Morpheus would appeared enticing me into dreamland. I was content building on my list slowly, but cupid was not, I’d thrown him a bone and his mischievous mind set to work.

photo (55)Early December, I’d enthusiastically accepted to be the +1 for Mlle Sécret at a Concerts and Conversations event of Sinfonietta Paris Chambre Orchestra, with the lovely PatriciaParisienne on the organizing committee. Held in the salon of amazing private residences, Sinfonietta highlights talented young musicians and we were completely captivated by their awe-inspiring skills (check out their calendar – a perfect date idea!). However, this would not be our only event of the evening…

On the way there, I’d received  a coquin text message from Mlle Sécret, seeing if I’d do some recon with her after the concert: a themed club night. Here I was, dressed in elegant classical concert black, not quite clubbing clothes, but I am always ready for a little bit of aventure and besides we were just going to stop by quicky… for research purposes.

Clubs off the Champs Elysées are normally not my cup of champagne, though I do have to say, there was a good selection of attractive after-workers along with some other entertaining characters, giving Mlle Sécret and I reason to giggle observing from our perch on the edge of a sofa. It was in this state of distraction that I must have let down my guard and that sneaky cupid tried to make his move. There was his poor victim, staring at me from about three feet away. Oh no!  I tried to avoid eye contact, but soon enough he came over and whispered “vous avez des yeux brilliants“.

I hadn’t come to meet anyone, I really didn’t want to. I had vowed a no-fly zone, a break, a truce with cupid. However, my sparkling eyes were apparently at fault and seeing as I have such a hard time saying no, I ended up giving him my number, even though I knew there was no point… he was a Latino, and from experience I know that I can’t handle their uncontrollable passion. Sure enough, minutes after leaving the club, I was already getting adoring text messages, then the next day these turned into phone messages “besos mi corazon,” “je pense que à toi…”… thinking only of me?! Meanwhile I was only thinking about how to get out of this mess.

photo 4 (5)That’s when this little angel popped up on my shoulder. Geez, Tigresse, he seems like such a nice guy – showering you with affectionate verse, it might be a nice change from all the monsieurs froid. Accept the amor! He rallied. But how can he be thinking only of me… he doesn’t even know anything about me?? I defended my resistance to the persistent angel, to which I received an exasperated sigh in reply. Ok, ok! I’ll give him a chance.

I accepted to get a drink with  Señor Besos. He was indeed tall dark and handsome in addition to being well-dressed, a writer on the side… and from a little googling – a former model! Was I completely insane not to accept the kisses to the side of my head he was trying to put more on target??

No, I wasn’t. Afterwards, I had a good conversation with the Countess about the issue. If someone is too eager and practically stifling, it’s easy to want to run the other way. It’s not entirely that I don’t want to accepted kindness and affection, though where’s the challenge (and sincerity) in  Señor Besos? If someone were to tell me he was thinking about me all day after he really knew me and if the feeling was mutual, I would gladly accept those mil besos.

photo 5 (1)            photo 1 (5)

The whole incident did make me realize that in addition to the truce I’d white-flagged, I also needed to be a little clearer on the wishlist and I need to more accommodating, perhaps I’d made some rash decisions in the past? Maybe I need to be a little more flexible on some points on that eventual list, nobody is perfect, least not me! On the other hand, it might be nice to find someone who could tick off at least a few items on this 10 Signs He’s Mr Perfect list (thanks for sharing Karin!), I’ll finish off my letter to Santa and see what happens in 2014…

PS: If anyone would like me to put them in touch with  Señor Besos… just let me know! I know he’s someone’s Mr Perfecto!


  • Okay, I kid you not, “He likes me” is at the top of my list. Because how often do we deal with the one-sided thing?! Or the thing where he acts like he likes you but doesn’t actually? So I say it’s an important criteria! 😉

    Also, oh god, I have been there. A guy once called me 12 times 2 days after our date. Now, had I felt like I had fallen instantly in love with him, or, let’s be honest, really came away from the date liking him, I would have been thrilled. But I was lukewarm at best, so it creeped me out. The trick is to find the situation where you’re both feeling that way. (Right, how?!)

    Shani x

    • Oh Shani,
      We could start a support group – let’s make sure there is a copious amounts of wine served at them 😉 12 times, man! that’s persistent! And annoying… where is the happy medium? The “I like you” we don’t even have to talk about love you, that’s sort of scary, at least not to be said during the first dates! If I get some insider info on how to get that “like you” – you’ll be the first person I share it with! Bon courage!!

  • girlseule says:

    Senor Besos sounds a little bit too full on, but like you said, he’ll be someones Mr Perfecto. I think, no matter how great a guy might be on paper, the heart wants what the heart wants. Sometimes he can tick a lot of boxes but it’s just not right!

    • You’re absolutely right, I like how you put it ” the heart wants what the heart wants” alas it sometimes wants some crazy things! Wrestling or reasoning with it doesn’t always work! Happy New Year to you!!

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