News! Europe at your Fingertips with Insidr Smartphones


I’ve been a big fan of the excellent INSIDR smartphone rentals in Paris since their launch two years ago. They are constantly evolving and this year’s news is BIG and could revolutionize your next trip… not just to France… but anywhere in Europe! Now you can collect your smartphone in Paris (even at the airport) and use it 42 countries across Europe! Just imagine… this means 3G data as you travel from France to other European countries you’ll have unlimited access to your emails, Facebook, Whatsapp/Skype messaging, GPS, WIFI hotspot, useful apps, maps and much more! All for a very reasonable price varying on the length of your booking.  I recently took an INSIDR phone with me to Italy, see how useful it was below!


Purchase and/or Pickup at CDG

In addition the improving their services, Insidr has also been collecting increasing accolades in international press like this recent feature in the New York Times. Part of the exciting news linked to the use of the phones throughout Europe is that you can now pick up the phones directly at the Tourism Info Desks at CDG airport. If you didn’t book in advance (advisable), you can also arrange the rental directly there when you arrive. You can also post it back from a different destination, which makes country hopping all the more tempting! I picked up my phone right before I hopped on a plane to Milan and found it to be super easy and fast. Off I went!

What to See & Do

INSIDR is much more than just a mobile hotspot. If you’re using it in Paris, you’ll have access to a community of local insiders who can give you tips during your stay, useful apps, walking tours and special discounts (I’ve summed this up in detail here). They’ve also expanded with road trips all over France! While these insider tips aren’t available in all 42 destinations around Europe (something their clever team will surely get around to)… you have the internet at your fingertips! So you can easily look up handy advice and tips at any time while travel. No need to do heaps of research in advance and print out articles and maps (but do be sure to bookmark my romantic mini-guides if your going to Lisbon or London!).

Where to Go Shopping

Milan is of course the fashion capital of Europe, with my handy INSIDR phone I was able to look up the latest hotspots as well as do some window shopping in city’s fashion district … if one doesn’t have the budget one can always dream!

Where to Eat & Drink

We all want to avoid tourist traps when traveling, though, sometimes when hunger calls and we’re visiting the sites we can need a good suggestion and immediately. This is definitely a good situation when you can use your INSIDR phone to find a local trattoria near your location, or track down the city’s most authentic pizzeria — a must for any visit to Italy! Okay… I can admit to using the latter function possibly too many times during my trip… good thing I was also clocking 15-25K steps per day!

How to Get Around

An INSIDR phone also facilitates your own “mobility.” The maps function of a smartphone is a lifesaver, but in addition to that, when you’re in Paris you can find hundreds of great non-touristy recommendations on their custom Paris map of Paris. The phones are also equipped with the trainline app, so let’s say you want to do an impromptu excursion, like I did to romantic Verona and the countryside nearby, I could easily find the train schedule and even buy my ticket right there via my phone.

Enjoy a hasslefree trip to Europe with this extremely helpful service. You can learn more about Insidr phones here or rent one directly via their website at this link. Bon Voyage! Or rather… Buon viaggio, ¡Buen viaje! Gute Reise! Καλό ταξίδι! and in 40 odd other languages!

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