Five Paris Valentine’s Day Gifts You Can Buy Online

Love Box Paris - Eiffel cropped

Paris might be the City of Love all year round, however, it’s romanticism is amplified on the annual day of love: Valentine’s Day. If you’re looking to get something a little different for your lover—who is also a lover of Paris—here are five perfect gift ideas, all from Paris and deliverable to your doorstep around the world.

Iseline jewelry

A Heart of Gold

Update: Closed for time being. Jewelry often makes its way into those heart dotted gift bags, however, it doesn’t have to break the bank with the lovely creations of Iseline. Launched in mid 2015 after two years of planning, its namesake comes from an old Celtic-Viking female name meaning vision and dream, which is exactly what Finnish designer Mats Haglund is achieving with his stylish, contemporary designs. The gold-plated and silver works are all made in an atelier in Paris and range from 15€ to 100€. One of my favorites is this delicate double heart necklace, perfect for Valentine’s day!

Saint Valentin 2016 La Maison du Chocolat

Sweet-Toothed Sweetheart

Chocolates are the most traditional of Valentine’s Day gifts, but instead of just any box, have a look at what La Maison du Chocolat has conceived for Valentine’s 2016. Chocolatier Nicolas Cloiseau has attempted to encompass four sensations of love all the while tantalizing palates. The effect is divinely delicious, plus chocolate is an aphrodisiaque, isn’t it? (Available in boxes of 8, 15 and 24 at 16€, 29€ and 40€ respectively).

la duree heart box 2

Let Them Eat… Macarons

The queen of macarons is also the queen of hearts for Valentine’s Day. For the classic macaron lover, Ladurée‘s online boutique, with deliver to around a dozen countries, is offering the elegant Crystal Heart gift box. It holds 12 macarons of your choice of flavors and is bound to put a smile on your chéri/e’s lips as they sink into the succulent cookies (35€).

Naughty Paris book

A Little Naughtiness… A Lot of Sexiness

The beautiful Naughty Paris, A Lady’s Guide to the Sexy City (and there’s also one for New York!), by writer Heather Stimmler-Hall of Secrets of Paris and with photographs by the talented Kirsten Loop, is an original gift for women with a passion for Paris and for life. Its pages are filled with a range of venues from spas to bars in addition to fascinating commentary, historical tidbits and intriguing anecdotes for enhancing one’s sensual experience of Paris (in all its forms), an excellent companion for a Paris resident or for anyone planning a fun and sexy trip here. It’s available for purchase and delivery on their website, but also a range of other booksellers (print copies start from 29€ or the PDF is 15€ – more info on the book in this previous post).

Love Box Paris

Some Sultry Seducing

Spice up your shared passions with a Your Lovebox; seductive “kits” created by entrepreneurs Lauriane Ackermann and Charlotte Ogé. A chance encounter on graduating from business school bought the two young women together and they quickly decided to put their joint creativity and knowledge towards towards this project. They’ve carefully crafted several themed boxes such as “From Paris with Love” or “1001 Nights” which include a variety of goodies such as massage oil, games and seductive accessories. Valentine’s Day, or rather… night, will surely be and an exciting with a Lovebox!

Lastly, if you’re looking for a gift for someone with a good sense of humor and quirk romantic history, there’s always Je T’Aime, Me Neither the book! Wishing you all a delicious and sexy Valentine’s Day!

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