Girl Gone International Features La Tigresse

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One of the most exciting and rewarding things about having started this blog and publishing my first book is all the amazing people I’ve been able to connect with ALL around the world. After all my crazy boy… it’s wonderful that these mostly disastrous (or at the very least, problematic) stories have led to something much more positive: strong bonds with fabulous femmes.  I’ve been so fortunate to have linked up with  amazing Aussies (THREE of you: one, two, three!), marvelous Montrealers, No-nonsense New-Yorkers … and Sassy Scots. Which brings me to the goddesses of GGI: Girl Gone International.

I actually initially found them in my desperate attempts to publicize my book signing event in Ottawa. Sargent Steve suggested I scour meetup groups to find some with traveling or even French themes. And so I “signed up” for a number of groups that I sadly would never be able to really be a part of, in the hopes that I could then message the group about my event. This coy tactic actually brought 5-8 more people out, so with more time… who knows what the trick could have really accomplished (taking over the world… or at least the literary world of Ottawa… for the night?).

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Among these groups, one in particular had drawn my attention, a group called GGI… Girl Gone what? So I went to check out their website. Wow! It was a Tigresse paradise! What a beautiful website! Full of amazing international women expats, it was like a dream! Could I be a part of it? I eagerly wrote to the Ottawa branch’s organizing hoping to get some cool GGIers out to the event. But rien, no reply. Perhaps she was off adventuring around the globe like she should be? I was in admiration of their site and philosophy, though was about to have a nervous breakdown with all the book stress, so shelved contacting them directly through their website.

Then out of the blue a little later in the summer,  I received a friendly email from the lovely Hailley Griffis, the Ottawa GGI leader, who hadn’t received my email right away due to account issues… but even better than helping get a few gals out to the long gone book event, she’d put me in touch with the right people at the site and magazine, namely the Love & Sex editor, the sassy Scottish/American Tina Jones. She enthusiastically took me on board and voilà! I obtained my first feature in the gorgeous GGI magazine!

Screen Shot 2014-01-10 at 00.06.08 Here is a sneak preview, though I urge you to help support them by checking out their site, you’ll have over a hundred pages of wonderful women’s stories from around the globe! Bravo to Tina and the other dedicated GGI team-members and thank you for helping make that little dream I had of being on your site come true (and more!). Looking forward to the next contributions! And a special thank you to Pascale Vincent Marquis for her fabulous photos of me.


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