In the Mood for … Asia Love Adventures (?)

Screen Shot 2014-03-23 at 09.09.20A quick note over my rushed morning tea (which should be green tea today – but nevermind). In a few hours I’ll be aboard my Asian bound plane, passing through Bangkok en route to my first stop Shanghai. Farewell Paris for a whole four weeks! I’m embarking on a nine city, three country, four week adventure! What will it have in store for petite moi?

I’ve barely had time to think about this special trip. Two weeks for work in China and Japan followed by two weeks’ vacation in Thailand. Most readers probably don’t know I have a very odd connection with China. My quirky childhood included my family running a Chinese food restaurant, so I spent several years in an odd North American imagined Chinese world. I was the perfect age for this, 9-13, and used to travel all over in my mind.

I remember years later watching Wong-Kar-wai’s In the Mood for Love with my half-Korean boyfriend at the time, rekindling a spark for Romantic Asia. And so what parts of my dreams are actually going to be coming true over the coming weeks? 

Marvelling at the possibilities over a glass of wine with a saucy friend a few weeks ago he dare me to go on a few dates to “test out” the Asian scene. Could I really? I didn’t want anyone to get the wrong idea that I was a fast moving westerner breezing through town, I was merely curious.

However, this dare got me thinking, perhaps I could conduct other sorts of experiments. Besides, I wanted to use this trip to refresh and recharge, not to go on the prowl. Nevertheless, in true Tigresse fashion, things happen in the most unexpected ways, who knows what the coming weeks could hold.

Either way, I’ll report back with photos, cultural observations and most probably a few good stories! In the meantime, I’ll be practising my “nǐ hǎo,” “konnichiwa,” and “s̄wạs̄dī” I won’t learn how to say goodbye, I plan on returning!


  • bronvoyage says:

    safe travels Lily . Looking forward to reading all about your adventures

  • girlseule says:

    Have a wonderful time, looking forward to hearing about it all.

  • wilma says:

    yay!!! i loved thailand!!!! you are going to have sooooooo much fun…are you going to be in japan for the blooming of the cherry trees?

  • Susan says:

    Hello. Have any amazing time in Asia. I’ve been twice and I loved it. Prepared to sweat constantly. Also, the smog is terrible. I’m actually going to Viet Nam in May. I’m looking forward to hearing about your experiences. xo Susan

  • Susan says:

    Also, I’ve been to Bangkok and Phuket. What kind of tips were you looking for?

    • Dear Susan, Thanks for letting me know, I’ll in both Bangkok and the Phuket area, any highlights you loved would be great to hear about (sites, activities, places, restaurants). Merci!

      • Susan says:

        Lily, We learned to ask for Chinese tea, otherwise you got Lipton. My favorite part of Shanghai is the old town, it’s also a great place to get custom clothes. They’ll make a jacket overnight and deliver it to your hotel the next day. We also visited a children’s school. You can’t see any gymnasts, but we saw dancing; darling. Loved the Farmer’s art, which is very colorful. There is also a wonderful museum in Shanghai. It features a lot of history of ceramics and other art. I think it’s the biggest there. Let me know if you have any questions. I’ll send the next city soon.

  • shani says:

    Oh, what a luxury to be able to go away for that long, even if part of it is for work. I hope you enjoy every minute!

    And, hey, I once got set up on a blind date while I was visiting London for just a few days, so stranger things can happen. You never know. 😉

    Bon courage, ma belle! x

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