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Paris is home to thousands of restaurants and among the predominant French bistrots are a great number of excellent restaurants serving specialties from around the world. Truth be told, vegetarians have it hard in French restaurants, and you can find some decent vegetarian friendly options in the restaurants in my lists here. Vegetarians will always find a number of dishes on the menus of Italian, Indian and Mexican restaurants (so I haven’t included any below), but if you want to broaden your horizons, and your palates, a little further, or have a little taste of home, than make you’re way to one of these tasty places with vegetarian delights.


Ethiopian – Restaurant Ethiopia

For nearly 20 years this charming restaurant in the 11th arrondissement has been satisfying hungry Parisians with their yummy Ethiopian dishes, many of which are vegetarian. Part of the fun of eating Ethiopian is sharing a beyayennatou plate, your table’s meal usually comes on a large platter with your portions arranged atop a traditional Ethiopian “crepe”. Tear a piece off and scoop up some of the lentils or other vegetables which are included in their vegetarian option (your dinner date can even get some meat). Perhaps not for the first date, but it could be a good test for a second or third to see how well your romantic interest can share… and their comfort zone with trying something different.

Address: 89 Rue du Chemin Vert, 75011 Website

Runner up: Godjo – This Left Bank venue has also been open for around 20 years and serves similar sampling platters. I just think Ethiopia has a nicer ambiance.


Israeli – Tavline

The Marais, Paris’ historic Jewish quarter, is abundant in falafel places and I’ll be the first to start drooling at the mention of l’As du Fallafel, however, if you want a more refined taste of Israel, then drift a few short blocks away from rue des Rosiers to this delicious and stylish address. In early 2017 Kobi Villot-Malka and Keren Benichou, both with French, Israeli and Moroccan heritage, fulfilled their dream of a Parisian restaurant showcasing phenomenal Mediterranean flavors. Their extremely delicious vegetarian options could practically convert a carnivore. Start with Assiette dégustation to share, which includes the best hummus around, mouth-watering roasted caulifower with tahini and pistou,”burnt” eggplant with a tomato and smoked paprika coulis and crispy sweet potatoes. Then for vegetarians, they’ve got an authentic Shakshouka, an Israeli specialty made of  eggs poached in a spicy tomato sauce (pictured at the top of the article).
Address: 25 Rue du Roi de Sicile, 75004 Website

Runners Up: Chez Marianne, for a sit-down dinner this restaurant is a good standard, though not nearly as creative as Tavline.

Thai – Kheak & Véro

I’ve been going to this little spot just off the Canal St Martin for years and have never been disappointed. The decor is a bit simple (though not unpleasant), however, they make up for this with their friendly welcome, generous portions, reasonable prices and delicious favors. Run by a Vietnamese-Thai family, they have a whole section dedicated to vegetarian dishes so you won’t be lacking in choice, instead, you’ll have a hard time choosing between the green curry, the bo bun, the phad thai and all the other options!

Address: 1 Rue Alexandre Parodi, 75010 (no website, TripAdvisor Page)

Runner up: Spirit Café, located near Opera, they have a nicer decor, excellent value menu, happy hour cocktails, but fewer veggie choices specifically on the menu, however, they will adapt several of their dishes.


Kurdish – Zozan

I came across this delightful restaurant by chance, looking for a new place to try in this part of the 18th and what a pleasant surprise it was! The photos online definitely do not do it justice, as they’ve refreshed their decor since and you’ll find a cozy atmosphere with low-lighting and traditional Kurdish artwork and music. Here too they have a whole vegetarian section with a number of entrées and mains, including the inventive and delicious special the night I went, stuffed mini pumpkins. Awaiting to return!

Address: 82 Rue Joseph de Maistre, 75018 Facebook Page


Vietnamese – Sourire de Saigon

This classy address on the fringes of Montmartre is a hidden gem and favorite with the stylish locals. A bit on the pricey side, you do get what you pay for, that is exceptional and refined Vietnamese delicacies. What’s more, they have a full page of vegetarian options, so you won’t have to content yourself with slim pickings. I’m rather partial to the steamed dumplings and the tofu baked in coconut milk (swoon!). Our little secret tip? Ask for some garlic rice, not on the menu, and you’ll come back just for it.

Address: 54 Rue du Mont-Cenis, 75018 Website

American – Breakfast in America

There are a number of America-style restaurants in Paris, but for a true American spirit, Breakfast in America takes the (pan)cake. The first American diner in Paris, despite the hurdles of opening a business in France (shared by its founder Craig Carlson in his memories “Pancakes in Paris“), it has been pleasing Parisians since 2003. Yes, Parisians, as they make up the majority of clients in either of the two branches of this tasty success story. You don’t only have to come for breakfast, as they serve a wide variety of other American “specialties”… including their renowned burgers. You guessed it, among these is a delicious veggie burger, but you can also satisfy your craving for North American with a veggie wrap, bagel, salad, cheese fries and who doesn’t need breakfast at 8pm now and then?

Address: 17 Rue des Écoles, 75005 and 4 Rue Malher, 75004  Website


Moroccan – Chez Younice

There are quite a number of Moroccan restaurants in Paris, however, I was introduced to this one by a friend and quickly understood why it was so full, even on a Monday night. First you’ll feel at home in the cozy dining room and the friendly welcoming staff. You’ll then be treated to delicious and copious dishes. Vegetarian options are somewhat limited, but there are several starters and a very flavorful veggie tajine. Vegetarians generally need to be careful in Moroccan restaurants with ordering a “vegetarian” couscous … as the vegetables are usually cooked in meat stock, I learned this the hard way… by finding a bone in mine! They were very honest here in steering me away from the couscous and towards the tajine, which earned them additional points in my books. Plus, while they don’t sell alcohol, customers can bring their own which isn’t always the case at North African restaurants.

Address: 13 Rue d’Avron, 75020 Website


Cambodian – Le Cambodge & Le Petit Cambodge

These popular eateries on the north side of the canal offer a number of delicious Cambodian specialities en version végé. They don’t take reservations, so come on the early side to get a table on the terrace or in their attractive dining rooms (Le Petit Cambodge has a more contemporary-urban decor). They have a few vegetarian starters and several mains including a bobun, a spicy red curry and belly-warming veggie filled soup.

Address: Le Cambodge, 10 avenue Richerand, 75010 Website, Le Petit Cambodge, 20 Rue Alibert, 75010 Website

Have you other restaurants to recommend? Please add them to the comments below!

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