La Tessera Magica: Resolutions, Revolution?

Tessera Magica TigresseWith the start of the new year, I was fully intent on making some resolutions, but when I got to thinking about all the things I wanted “resolution on,” that I should “resolve to do” or that needed “resolving,” I only got resolutely overwhelmed. Oh well, I sighed, might as well go out for a drink with my zaney Italian friend Dit to forget my woes… indeed, something happened that night to change my point of view on resolutions, leaving me instead with one: la Tessera Magica.

Dit moved to Paris last autumn and since she lives in Montmartre too, I’ve been gradually introducing her to places in the hood she might like. Whenever and wherever we get together, the night takes us on some kind of adventure. A good example being one night out last September, a Belleville bar crawl which involved absinthe, flirting with bar staff and her chasing a guy down the street who’d hit her on the head with a bottle (evening immortalized in this great photo below).  This new night in question, was memorable, for a different reason.

944146_10151420155830882_2080964628_nDit was a little low on cash so I took her to this grungy but great bar La Chope du Chateau Rouge, on rue de Clignancourt, which is getting Hipster overflow from SoPi. La Chope is fabulous because it’s still a bar du quartier with old regulars leaning against the counter, yet sitting at the tables and loitering out front are the young bearded, checked shirt bobos. I’m pretty sure they come here because it’s cheap, dirt cheap (and yes, a little dirty too). I’d discovered it just recently with Honelicious featured in this story.

As it was a Wednesday it wasn’t too busy, however, it still oozed the above character and Dit was enchantéed. She insisted on getting the first round, I got the second… and since it wasn’t too late, I suggested a third. Reaching for my wallet, she started protesting that I shouldn’t pay, though she didn’t have any more money. I know she doesn’t like me buying her drinks, I also know that she’s on a tight budget and so I like treating her occasionally, much to her protests and rejections. Therefore, I tried a new tactic for her to accept.

“But I’m not actually paying for the drinks! I have a Tessera Magica!” I declared with conviction. The drinks are really free!” Tessera in italian means “card” in the sense of credit card, loyalty card, health card etc. I went on to explain my “magic card” to her, totally invented its features on the fly, yet it’s such a fabulous card, it gets me things for free… whatever I wanted in fact. We laughed and she couldn’t really refute my claims. I came back with our “free drinks” to which we cheerfully cheered to, completely believing in the theory.

Shortly afterwards we got up to leave. Passing in front of the counter, the bartender said; “Hey girls, would you like a drink on the house?” We looked at each other in utter shock… la tessera! It really WORKS! “Oui bien sûr!” We managed to spit out and before we knew it we had our free verres in front of us.

Screen Shot 2014-01-19 at 19.10.30This was an important reminder for me about the Law of Attraction. The thing is, I know that like attracts like and that we need to focus on the things we really want for them to happen. The problem for me, and I’m sure many others, is that it’s so easy to veer off the tracks, to get down about things not working out how we want them to or fast enough, and we slip into dreadful negative thinking patterns. You have to know what you want, but you also have to BELIEVE it’s going to happen AND then put the “request” aside, it will come at the right time, just like our free glass of wine did (pictured here – proof!).

So no “resolutions” for me, instead I’m going to use my Tessera Magica to “obtain” what I want in life. I might even print it out and keep a copy of it in my wallet, so whenever I want something (a boyfriend who doesn’t mess around, more time to get in shape, great creative projects, happiness, peace of mind), I’ll just pull it out and concentrate. If anyone would like me to make them a personalized Tessera Magica – just ask!

UPDATE: I did make and print out the tessera, you can print one out and write in your name at this link. Try it! It really does work wonders!


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