Original Date Ideas in Paris for Sporty Visitors 

Not everyone who comes to Paris is into typical sightseeing, especially if you’re less into art and history. That said, for sporty visitors or sports fans to Paris there are actually plenty of fun ways to take in the city… while getting your workout or sport fix in! Or perhaps you are living in Paris and have just met a cool romantic interest on Tinder or Bumble? The sporty activities in Paris below will allow you to work up a good sweat with your date! 

Luxembourg Gardens Paris

Go for a Jog in a Royal Garden

The great thing about Paris is that its larger parks are perfect for jogging. Impress your new sporty romantic interest by showing off a little culture with a jog in the gorgeous Luxembourg Gardens. This former royal garden on the Left Bank is quiet, has nice meandering paths that facilitate chatting with your jogging partner. Plus these paths also have isolated benches so after your jog you can get to know each other better catching your breath, and perhaps steal his or hers away with a kiss.

Work Out with a Stellar View

You don’t have to close yourself up in a gym to work out in Paris. Instead there are a number of outdoor spaces that have outdoor workout stations.. One of these is found along the Rives de Seine Park that extends from La Bastille to around the Louvre. To the east of the Pont d’Arcole (across from the Hotel Dieu Hospital) are several stationary bikes which you can use and that face the river. The park is also great for jogging, roller-blading, biking and there are other benches which you can use to help each other with crunches  all the to beautiful backdrop of the Seine and Paris!

Work Your Biceps Boating around The Lake Daumesnil

When of the most unique and romantic things to do in the larger woods that are on each side of Paris is to rent a boat and cruise around the lakes. The most romantic location is in the Bois de Vincennes on the Lac Daumesnil. Not only will you be able to work your biceps rowing, afterwards you can walk or jog around the park, but you definitely have to stop by the Temple of Love, found on an island on the lake, on your way!
Parc des Princes. PSGMAG.NET/Flickr

Attend a Match at the Parc des Princes

This one won’t immediately strike many as a date but don’t be fooled, a trip to the Parc des Princes can be hugely romantic – for the football fans out there. Paris Saint Germain are one of the best teams in European football. What better way to get the pulse racing than watching pitch side, while stars like Kylian Mbappe and Neymar shine on the field. If you are an American into the NFL odds and ‘soccer’ seems boring to you, we would advise you to visit a Champions League matchThe atmosphere of these games is magic and unique, bringing European fans together. If your significant other is a sports fan, they will be thrilled with excitement.

Your Personal Trainer – Paris / Facebook

Get Sweaty … at Bootcamp

Shed some serious croissant and pastry calories by attending a bootcamp in one of the city’s pretty parks. Personal Trailer Marcus Reuben organizes a Boot Camp every Saturday at 10 am in the Buttes-Chaumont park. It costs 10 euros but the money goes to charity. Follow @junglesquadparis on Instagram for details or contact him via his website to arrange a private session.

Go for a Swim in Josephine Baker Pool

If swimming is more your thing then you’re in luck! Take your date to the Piscine Josephine Baker, the outdoor pool along the river in the 13th district of Paris. A unique pool, it can add a cool dimension to your stay, plus seeing your date in a bathing suit… isn’t all that bad of an idea!
Happy sporty romancing in Paris! Discover dozens of other Paris date ideas in our category here!

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