An Exciting Lineup for the Paris Fringe 2018 & Giveaway!

The Paris Fringe Festival is back! Following its two very successful and very well received festivals, the Paris Fringe Festival. is back! From October 11th-14th Paris theater-goers can sample a fabulous array of theater in English, French AND Spanish! Fantastique et fantastico! Get ready for this year’s festival in this preview and find out how you can win tickets!

Paris Fringe 2018Founded by Reka Polonyi and Dom Douglas in 2016 (described in our interview here), this reins of the festival have now been picked up by theatre-makers Anton Bonnici, Charlotte Pleasants, Christine Ryndak and Elizabeth Wautlet. 

“Our reason for keeping this festival up is always the same,” says Elizabeth Wautlet. “We see a need to give access to great performers and great work that might not get onto tradition Parisian stages. We especially fancy innovative approaches to theatre and the exploration of contemporary issues.”

The last two editions of the festival only featured shows in English. However, this year, they are including shows in French, one is Spanish (subtitled in French), and non-verbal performances to mix things up and make sure there’s really something for everyone! 


AVANT-GARDE: a physical comedy show on the universal theme of war and struggle. It’s an original mix of slapstick, clown-theatre and mime; a highly energetic non-verbal performance for people of all ages. (Bulgaria, non-verbal)

ALICE: Come and follow 8 comedians and a cello down the rabbit hole. A new version of Alice for young and old : a tale of misfits, puns and cardboard. (France, in French)

Bleach:  A darkly humorous, soul-jolting new one man show about sex, violence and city living. (UK, in English)

Criminals! – A Financial Comedy (Romania, Malta, in English)

Granny Gertrude: Not your Grandma’s cabaret (France, in French)

Form: 20,000 paper balls, 3 performers and office equipment create a visual voyage of one man’s escape from routine. (UK, non-verbal)

Solo Creo en El Fuego (I ONLY BELIEVE IN FIRE): is a game of mirrors in which the authors adapt to theater the correspondence and the writings of Anaïs Nin and Henry Miller to make them collapse with their own biographies, dreams and complexes. (Spain. In Spanish with French surtitles)

Scotlaaand! Join us for a wild ride, with rhythm, body percussion, singing, stomping, clowning and the spirit of Scotland! A hilarious, high energy three man physical comedy. Winner of the Inspiration Award for new work at Prague Fringe 2018. (UK, non-verbal)

The Karamazovs: Are you a degraded soldier ruined by women and alcohol? A depraved monk or sassy seductress? Choose your character in The Karamazovs: a theatrical encounter, a radio play with live music and a hilarious confrontation with mankind’s inner demons. (Belgium, in English)

We Know Who You Are and You’ll Do What We Want: We always hear about the rights of democracy, but the major responsibility of it is participation” says Wynton Marsalis, legendary trumpeter. So can you save democracy? Can you? Go on then. Go on! A participative show… but trust us, it’ll be fun!!! (UK)

les KALUS: they love each other as much as they hate each other. They will bring you into their funny and silly burlesque cabaret. How will you react when you will realize that you are part of their crazyness ? (France, in French)

Love for Sale: A solo performance that explores the origins of our fears and the price of female sexuality with tenderness, humour, and Power Point. (Canada, in English) 

Last year’s Fabrique du Fringe workshops have been transformed into a different offering, the “Fresh Faces Fringe,” a series of free events that are included in your Paris Fringe Pass (more info on this below). This program strives to give young companies and/or emerging artists a platform to present their work (or work in progress) to the public. Included in the pass, there are also pop-events like dance by Kacie Delaney and team, Sound Installation & Spoken Word by Avi Davis, Site Specific writing by Jason Stoneking and watercolors painted ‘en direct’ by our festival painter Sonja Bajik. Again this year they will be doing a 24 Hour Play project, in which anyone can sign up and have one day to create a short piece to perform in their theatre.

Plus, this year’s event will be all under one roof, at the Theatre de Verre in the 19th arrondissement. How cool is all that? Get over there and take part!

If all of that hasn’t tempted you to pick up your festival pass than enough to tempt you to attend some of this year’s festival, the Fringe team is kindly offering my readers a total of four free tickets! See details below and further down on the festival details.


The team of the Paris Fringe have kindly offered us one free Festival Pass which includes two tickets to any show in the main programme and access to all other Fringe events, pop-up performances & more! Just follow these easy instructions to enter to win:

Here’s how to win:

  • Like the Je T’Aime, Me Neither Facebook Page (if you don’t already)
  • Like the Paris Fringe Facebook Page(if you don’t already)
  • Like the post on my Facebook page here
  • Share the post, tag a friend (or several) who likes going to the theater to get entered in the draw a second or third time!
  • OR if you’re not on Facebook, you can add a comment to this post below to be included

The contest will close at noon EST on Sunday October 7th and the winner will be announced later that day. Good luck and enjoy the festival!

PARIS FRINGE 2018 Details

Festival Pass: A festival pass is only €20 Full Price €16 Reduced and gives you access to the full 4 days of events as well as tickets for 2 main shows of your choice. Additional tickets to more shows can be bought onsite for €8/€6(reduced). See the full program and reserve advance tickets on their website here. (purchases to be paid in cash at the door). Food and drinks will also be available for purchase.

When: October 11-14th, 2018

Where: Théâtre de Verre, 12 Rue Henri Ribière 75019 Paris.


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