Paris Je T’Aime in the Springtime, Book Excerpt

Paris in the springtimeEven though it was Cole Porter who first penned; “I Love Paris in the Springtime,” this season must have already had its magical aura prior to the writing of his song in 1953. In honor of springtime finally arriving this year in Paris (better late than never!), here is a short excerpt of my upcoming book Je T’Aime, Me Neither, coming out end of May (more updates to follow!). Does love really blossom in Paris in the springtime? Read on . . .

“Paris in the springtime is absolutely the best time of the year to be in love. The city suddenly awakens from hibernation. After the chilly gray winter months, everyone’s sexual appetite stirs. Short skirts pop out of closets about as quickly as the cherry trees bloom, much to the approval of eagerly awaiting male admirers, allowing Paris to regain its title as the city of amour after a long winter’s rest. With all that love in the air, it was easy for me to be swept up in the excitement.

One especially lovely sunny afternoon, the weather was just too nice for me to take the métro to my next appointment, so I decided to walk, soaking up the glorious rays along the way. I haphazardly chose my path, following the sunniest streets, and eventually ended up around Les Halles, a busy pedestrian area in central Paris, home to a dilapidated shopping mall and narrow streets lined with cheap street-wear clothes shops. All of this tackiness and hustle and bustle were completely overshadowed by the gorgeous weather.

As I strolled through the crowded streets, I was pulled out of my sunny dreams by the sight of an amazing dark-haired cutie, armed with a guitar, walking straight towards me. Stunned, it took me a minute to decide whether I’d come across either the reincarnation of the Mayan god of music or . . . Sam? Could it really be him? Our paths crossing in such a hectic area—was this destiny calling? The deity in question also did a double take when he saw me. Realizing he had seen correctly, that he was indeed approaching a charming northern princess, a huge, handsome smile spread across his face. He seemed absolutely thrilled to see me too. He was with some friends, but took a second to say hi and give me la bise, before we rushed off in our respective directions.

That completely made my day! I was probably the happiest person on earth . . . or at least in Paris! Being a staunch believer in fate, I took this chance encounter as a definite sign that something was bound to and meant to happen between us . . .”

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