Perfect French Valentine’s Day Gifts You Can Buy Online

Have a lover of Paris in your life? You don’t have to come all the way here to get some amazing Paris Valentine’s Day gifts — the following cool, tasty and sexy presents can delivered practically anyway across the globe. I’ve pulled together a list that has something that’s bound to gradually heat up your Valentine’s and they are just a few clicks away…

Something Aphrodisiacal

Not many French chocolate shops deliver abroad, but Jean-Paul Hevin is one of them. The award winning chocolatier has quite the comprehensive online shop which delivers to a few dozen countries including most of Europe, the U.S., Canada, Singapore and more. This seductive chocolate heart would make a perfect gift, however, the shop features a variety of assorted boxes with “Grand Cru” chocolates, truffles and mendiants covered in dried fruit and nuts. Start shopping here to ensure the chocolates arrive on time!

Something to Seduce Her

UPDATE: Closed for time being. For some reasonably priced designer jewelry have a look at the cool creations of Iseline. Its Finnish creative director, Mats Haglund, uses his experience working for the top French fashion houses to create chic, contemporary designs all made in an atelier in Paris. The gold-plated and silver works range from 15€ to 100€. I love wearing my double heart necklace and earrings, but there’s something for all styles which would be perfect for Valentine’s day!

Something Else to Seduce Her… I Mean Him

Les Slip Francais, a quirky French underwear brand, first caught my eye when their shop opened up near my place on rue des Abbesses in June 2015. It then didn’t take me long to also notice their clever marketing on social media targeting young hip Parisians, well, it could mainly be women they’ve attracted as their model is complétement adorable… and so will your chéri by sporting these cute briefs. Ideal for Valentine’s Day is their range with sweet tag lines like “mon amour” and “petit coeur” and they have also expanded to some very androgynous looking items for females. All products are made in France and can be shipped internationally, more info here or drool over their hot model here!

Something to Inspire a Pillow Fight

I’ve been a fan of Fragonard’s products since visiting their parfumerie in the South of France. Little by little they’ve been expanding their shops,  first around France and now I see them popping up in different locales around the world. If there isn’t one in your city, fear not! Sales made on their online shop can be ship around the world! In addition to perfumes, soaps and creams made from Provencal flower extracts and oils, they also have a lovely line of gifts and hand embroidered linens. I fell in love with these pillows and thought they would make the perfect Valentine’s gift, learn more about them here.

Something For After the Pillow Fight!

Why not offer your love something that you both will enjoy? With perfect French sexiness that perhaps only two French women could come up with, the Your Lovebox directors Laurianne Ackermann and Charlotte Ogé have come up with a creative line of seductive “kits” and other items to induce sensuality. These include a carefully selected collection of items like massage oil, seductive accessories, underwear, and a game they’ve invented themselves. Their “From Paris with Love” box is perfect a Paris lover or the “1001 Nights” would work well for the exotic dreamer. Valentine’s Day might be a Tuesday this year… but with a Your Lovebox it’s not going to be a boring one!

Or… To Console a Broken Heart

Need to cheer up a friend who’s just been dumped? Need cheering up yourself? Have a sassy girlfriend who likes cheeky stories? Then get a copy of my new book Je T’Aime… Maybe? It tells the true stories of trying to find romance, rather unsuccessfully in what is supposed to be the city of love. A hilarious roller coaster with many surprises along the way! You can find it on Amazon US here or order a signed copy at this link.

If you are in Paris on Wednesday February 8th, 6:30-8:30 pm, get a signed copy of my books in person… and the choice of two other great Paris authors: Craig Carlson, author of Pancakes in Paris and Lisa Anselmo, author of My (Part-Time) Paris Life

The event will take place at La Cuisine Paris cooking school and is bound to be a lot of fun, you can also just stop by for a free glass of wine and pancakes (YES, they do go well together!). Full details here.

Or… For a Very Parisian Happy Ending

The very talented photographer Rebecca Plotnick shares her time between Paris and Chicago. An excellent array of her work is available on her site (like the three separate images above) in the form of prints or canvases… there are even some other unique accessories like scarves! Even if you are across the world from Paris, you can either wear or admire this beautiful city on a daily basis thanks to Rebecca’s work. Peruse her online shop here.

Or… Enter our Romantic Paris Giveaway!

Get several of the above presents FREE as well as many other FABULOUS prizes by entering our Valentine’s contest! It’s easy to enter and you can enter several times, what a cool present that would be! Full details at this link.

Or if You’re Single? Come to our Valentine’s Events

If you’re looking for some romance in Paris this Valentine’s Day, check out our two events here on February 14th and February 16th. Read more about these and get your lovin’ on here.

Wishing you all a wonderful lover’s day! 

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