8 Unique Venues for your Next Private Party in Paris


A few months ago I was looking for the perfect private party venue in Paris to celebrate my birthday. Since I had certain requirements: the right size, the right atmosphere and, in our case, open late (we wanted to dance the night away after all!). In my googling I stumbled upon Privateaser, a website showcasing an incredibly extensive collection of over 3,000 of the best event venues you can rent out in Paris. What’s great is there’s no fees for the person reserving and there’s something for every type of event; whether you’re looking for a cozy bar to bring together your close-knit friends for your birthday or a one-of-a-kind private space for celebrating an important occasion in superb style. To give us a taste of just the kind of places you can find on the site, here are some of their most unique venues for groups from 10 all the way to 1,000 people. Get your dancing shoes or little black cocktail dress ready!

Le-Bar-Demory-PrivateaserFor 10 People: Le Bar Demory

Beer is becoming all the rage in Paris and so if you’re a fan, this could be the place for you. Located in heart of Paris in the 4th arrondissement, the Bar Demory Paris has a quirky decor, a friendly ambiance and an extensive collection of new and lesser-known beers including their own delightful Demory beer brew. For those less keen on hops, fear not, their menu features a range of wine and cocktails — all well accompanied by cheese or charcuterie plates or other light snacks. They’ve got a space at the back, perfect for gathering together your close group of friends for a fun birthday fête.


For 25 People: Le Pachi Pacha

With its funky decor and cozy seating areas, the relatively new Pachi Pacha can be the extension of your living room for a night. Found a stone’s throw from the nightlife hub of La Bastille you can sip away on delicious happy-hour priced cocktails, nibble on generous deli meats, play a round of foosball or simply chill with your entourage on their private room’s comfy sofas, just like you would at home, but I can’t fit 25 people into my Parisian living room either!   


For 50 People: Le Loft du Pianiste

For a “swankier” temporary living room, you can’t bet this super cool private rental venue. Situated in the hip 11th district and close to Place de la République, Le Loft du Pianiste has been designed as the perfect trendy party venue. An airy loft with a contemporary jazzy ambiance, the layout facilitates cozy group discussions, however, the open space concept gives the feeling of having everyone all together for your special occasion. You’ll even have a grand piano at your disposal: either play it yourself, or hire a professional pianist create a soft, cosy mood for your event.


For 100 People: Atelier des Artistes Cocktail Bar

Also in the 11th district, set a cool undertone to your larger fête by gathering your invitées at your own hidden bar. As its name suggests, the Atelier des Artistes features an artsy decor with artwork and an avant-garde bar, as well as high tables and sofa areas, ideal for socializing. What’s more, it’s open until 4 a.m., allowing you and your friends to dance till almost dawn while enjoying the bar’s many original cocktails and other beverages.


For 200 People: Happy Boat

In fact, for my birthday I really, really wanted to rent out a boat so we could celebrate with all of sparkling Paris by Night passing us by. However, I didn’t quite have the adequate budget. That said, not all cruise boats on Seine have to be expensive and it’s definitely a worthwhile and memorable way to commemorate your special event. Happy Boat has a collection of different sized vessels to suit your party needs including excellent food catering, efficient service, delicious cocktails and a festive ambiance for your event. What could be more unforgettable then toasting to your big birthday or wedding at the foot of the twinkling Eiffel Tower?

For The Perfect Custom Option for 10-250 People: Mecano Bar

It can be tricky to find a place that has the right layout, seating and ambiance for a smaller group, a group of 40-60 or an exclusive privatization and the Mécano Bar checks all of these boxes. Situated on lively evening hotspot rue Oberkampf, this former factory (a nod to its name), has been wonderfully transformed into a large cool bar with a rock vibe. With their back room dividable into different “party zones”, just tell them the size of your group and they’ll perfectly adapt the space, so you can be a group of ten for dinner, a group of 30 for a 30th birthday party or a group of 50 for an engagement party… in fact that’s just the scenario I got to recently experience there! The will extend their happy hour prices for Privateaser clients, create a tasty buffet to suit your budget and have a DJ heating up the dance floor until 5 a.m. on Friday and Saturdays! Highly recommended!


For 500 People: the Nef of the Aquarium de Paris

Speaking of the Eiffel Tower… there’s actually a secret place right across from it that can be booked out for extra special events: the Nef of the Aquarium de Paris. Many people don’t know that tucked away in the hillside across the river from the Eiffel Tower and under the Palais de Chaillot at Trocadero is the Paris Aquarium, home to over 10,000 sea creatures from sharks to star fish. The Nef of the Aquarium can be partially booked for birthdays, cocktail parties or corporate events (or why not a wedding of modern-day Mr and Mrs Jacques Cousteau types?) Glass of champagne in hand, you can wander the galleries and tanks abound with colorful schools of fish and frolicking aquatic mammals, bring a magical tropical universe straight to you in the urban jungle of Paris. Stepping outside after your event, you’ll be greeted by the sparkling Tour Eiffel, capping off a very special evening. 


For 1,000 People: Le Cabaret Sauvage

Near the Porte de Pantin in the northeast of Paris, Le Cabaret Sauvage is one of the biggest venues in town. With its vast circus-like tent and blazing red color, you can’t help but get into a festive mood at this contemporary cabaret. More suitable for larger groups, like conferences, staff retreat or cool big gatherings, I could imagine a wild Moulin Rouge-esque grande fête taking place here. Who’s in??

And this is just the tip of the iceberg! Privateaser is very easy to use and filter with your own prerequisites. Check out their website wide range of cool private event spaces. Know any other unusual places for private parties in Paris? Add them in the comments below!

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