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People said traveling is the best way to find yourself and get a priceless experience. Well, that may be true, but traveling to another country could be challenging. We should have prepared a lot of things, read some recommendations here and there as much as we could…. That’s all true! We should prepare ourselves as much as we could. My friends at just gave me even more useful information, this time on some of my favorite European cities, Madrid and Barcelona and a special tip for food lovers!

Exploring Madrid

Madrid is a big and busy city, but don’t think that you could not enjoy your holiday here! If you want to explore everything and fully get the experience, you will need around 3 days to spend in Madrid, and my friends in INSIDR already made the itinerary for you. If you don’t have enough time, don’t worry, there’s also a lot of things for you to do in two days or even a day trip to Madrid! Don’t miss to visit the famous Museo del Prado and see all the magnificent art pieces. If you are a football fan, of course you will need to visit Santiago Bernabeu, one of the most famous football stadium in the world. Chueca is also one of the most interest districts to visit, with all the bars and their LGBT and equality movements.

Talking about Spain, of course we can’t forget about the foods. If you don’t know where to start, see this list of must-eat food in Madrid. They also have this recommended cool restaurants in Madrid to enjoy your meal. From all of these foods, of course you could not miss out eating tapas! Visit one of these tapas bars in Madrid and get the authentic experience of it. If you want to get another amazing experience, try one of these rooftop bars in Madrid. In the morning or in the afternoon, you can also enjoy a cup of coffee in the cool coffee shops around town.

Of course, in this big city, you have a lot of choice as to where to stay while you are in Madrid. There is a wide range of choices, and even for backpackers, there are some recommendations of best cheap hostels in Madrid to help you plan your travel. Wherever you stay in Madrid, don’t worry, you will still be able to do all the things that you have to do in Madrid, because the public transportation in Madrid is very easy to navigate!

Enjoy Authentic Catalan Food in Barcelona

Going not far to the south of Madrid, you will arrive in Barcelona. This city has a lot to offer, from the seaside of Barceloneta, the famous La Sagrada Familia, the beautiful Park Guell, and of course the Picasso Museum.

For sure, what you can not miss while you’re in Barcelona is the foods here. Tapas, paella, calcotada… it’s never enough! Don’t know what to eat first? Here is the list of the best food and where to get them in Barcelona. There are also a lot of cool restaurants in Barcelona to spend your time with your friends or family. And don’t forget to save your time to visit some tapas bars in Barcelona and eat like a local. Oh, I almost forgot, the bars in Barcelona are awesome too! Get some of the best of cocktails in Barcelona and enjoy your time there to the fullest.

You can stay in Barcelona in any areas, because public transportation can reach even to the seaside. Plan ahead, to avoid missing doing the must-do in Barcelona. Other than to try all the amazing foods and drinks, you can explore more of the amazing things in Barcelona by 2 days, or 3 days if you have more time. If you are traveling with your family, go to these places where you can do a lot of interesting activities with your kids. And while you’re at it, why not enjoying shopping in these best markets in Barcelona?

Bonus Foodie Recommendations

For food lovers who travel around Europe, you should see this list of best foods in Europe that you have to try. From Porto to Istanbul, INSIDR has prepared your food itinerary for your travel, so you wouldn’t miss all the best foods that each country in Europe can offer and bring your experience home!

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