Remembrance and Tranquility in Northeastern France

Photo - Christophe Meyercm

Remembrance and Tranquility in Northeastern France

by Lily Heise for Rendezvous en France – France Tourism UK

As the 100th anniversary of the Great War is upon us, many are traveling to pay homage to the sacrifices made by our ancestors for peace and freedom. This anniversary is particularly poignant to me, as it was WWI that first brought me to live in France, working as a guide at the Canadian National Vimy Memorial, the site of a decisive victory along the Western Front in April 1917. However, the years leading up to this victory were marked by intense battles, the memory of which, and of those of the fallen, today lives on at dozens of commemorative sites dotting the now tranquil terrain of Northeastern France. If you’re planning a visit the area, the city of Reims provides a good base, which also allows you to discover two other elements of the region’s heritage: its famous bubbly and gothic cathedral. Read more

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