Romantic Anecdote Contest with PatriciaParisienne – the Winners!

PatriciaParisienne articleWhat great fun it was celebrating the launch of Je T’aime, Me Neither the book with PatriciaParisienne and her blog readers! Thank you so much to Patricia and the enthusiastic contestants who submitted their magical and captivating romantic anecdotes. Oh la la! Les histoires! It was very difficult to pick only three as they were all excellent and took our hearts on a little spin! … drum roll please … here are the winners    (in no particular order)!

J’adore les Macarons

As a young working gal in my 20s, the store I was working in was clearing out Royal Doulton fine bone china for up to 70% off and I was contemplating buying a full set of 12 person place setting…I turned to my boyfriend and said what do you think? He said: “I can’t see you eating out of Tupperware for the rest of your life…buy it. This was the most romantic thing my hubbie ever said to me…music to my ears!

JTMN: This story made us all smile (and probably sigh a romantic ahhh!), a gift definitely from the heart!

Bron Voyage

My romantic anecdotes would make lily tigeress think she had been quite lucky in comparison One sweet story though, years ago back in the days when night clubs were discos , I went to a disco with a friends younger brother. ( not really old enough to be in a disco). After a long night of boogieing the night away in stilettos we were walking home and I decided barefoot was less painful than my stilettos. We came across a mass of broken glass that was not avoidable. He took off his shoes and in a “I have a huge crush on you ” type of way asked me to wear them. Lily’s stories make me want to date again even if it is just to laugh at what transpires.

JTMN: This story was very vivid and you took us right to the scene! It’s those spontaneous moments, as seen in the other winners, that stand out in our minds… and our hearts 🙂 And I’m serious Bronvoyage – let’s talk about a guest post with funny-extreme love life story! In the meantime, good luck with your je t’aiming!


One of my favorite romantic moments: When my husband, out of the blue, changes our living room into a chic restaurant and puts the table smack in the middle with a few candles decorating it. He sets the table using only the finest tableware, our best cutlery and St Louis champagne and wine glasses. He then comes out with a delicious four course meal made by him with fresh ingredients with of course a tradition baguette from the best bakery in town. He calls me back and holds my chair out so I can sit down and we can share a delicious meal together. I love those moments!

JTMN: Again such a nice moment and image. You make us all want to live moments like these!

And… for the other contestants there will be a runner up prize – so could everyone please email me their mailing address to jetaimemeneither  @ and I will send off your prizes!

A grand merci encore to PartricaParisienne, all participants and the readers… I hope we will all keep having excellent romantic aventures!


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