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It’s hard to pick the most romantic place in Paris, however, Montmartre is certainly one of the city’s best neighborhood for wandering lovers. There’s much more to discover than the “Love Wall” and Sacre Coeur, so I’ve teamed up with Gail Bosclair of Perfectly Paris, the expert in Montmartre holiday rentals and long time area resident, to compile our favorite romantic places on La Butte. Read on, tell us what you think and you can also win a free copy of Je T’Aime, Me Neither!

1. G.B. Place du Calvaire: One of my most favorite spots in Montmartre is at Place du Calvaire. Between Chez Plumeau and the Dali Museum on the opposite side of the wall, there is a stone wall. When you walk along it, there is a perfect view of the Eiffel Tower. When my brother was in Paris to propose to his girlfriend, I told him I know the perfect place and he said he did as well. When we both told each other of our perfect place, it turns out it was the same!

2. L.H. Rue Saint-Rustique: Another great street in that area is the rue Saint-Rustique. Parallel to the touristy rue Norvins it has one of the most picturesque views of Sacre Coeur. Usually there is no one on it – tonight I saw these charming couples dancing away!

view of Paris from Sacre Coeur Montmartre

3. G.B. The stairs of rue de Chevalier de la Barre: There are many wonderful staircases in Montmartre but this one seems like it takes you to the sky so I think it is pretty romantic as well.

4. L.H. Square Nadar: Speaking of the Chevalier de la Barre, just at the foot of the statue of this rebel (and of Sacre Coeur), the Square Nadar offers a great resting place after climbing up those hundreds of steps… and a great view of the Eiffel Tower – benches reserved especially for lovers.


5. G.B. & L.H. Jardins Secrets: If you can get into it, the Sauvage de St Vincent this garden is amazing. LH – I agree, it’s a wonderful garden, though I read it’s closed for restoration works, so I can also recommend le Jardin des Abbesses. It’s another special hidden garden, tucked away on the Passage des Abbesses, you will find climbing roses and medieval medicinal plants from the era when there was the abbey here … and no other visitors… a perfectly peaceful romantic pit-stop.

6. G.B. Rue de l’Abreuvoir: Walking along this street seems like you are stepping back in time.

7. L.H. Allee des Brouillards: Before you walk up Abreuvoir or as you’ve come down it, you’ll find this discreet laneway. On the one side is the mysterious “chateau” of the same name, on the other a row of small houses. Renoir lived on the one at the far end… just beyond the lovers’ perch on the small staircase.

place Dalida rue de l'Abreuvoir


8. L.H. Villa Leandre: Less hidden than it might have once been, the nearby Villa Leandre is probably one of the most charmante streets in all of Montmartre. Walk all the way to the end to pick out your favorite villa house and imagine a Parisian happy-ever-after!

9. G.B. The Hotel Particulier: For a break after your stroll, the Hotel Particulier is also a very romantic place to go for cocktails in the evening either inside or outside. It is truly a gem since it is so hidden away. You also get to walk past Le Rocher de la Sorcière.

10. L.H. L’Ete en Pente Douce: I’m also particularly fond of the little square on the other side of Sacre Coeur, at the bottom of the rue Utrillo stairs on the corners of rue Paul Albert and rue Muller. In the evening the square is a magical Montmartre oasis, my favorite of the restaurants is L’Ete en Pente Douce, reasonable prices and good vegetarian options.

And here is a little map of the romantic sites to help your meanderings, do get lost off the beaten path, that’s where you will find your own perfect spot!

Montmartre Romantic Map

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  • I’ll chose this one: G.B. Rue de l’Abreuvoir!

    • Thanks for participating Cindy! That is indeed a very very romantic street! I followed a couple up the street hoping they would start holding hands for a nice photo, alas. But the street speaks for itself 🙂

      PS: I’m loving your photos of Scandinavia!

  • For me, if forced to choose, I think it has to be the stairs at rue de Chevalier de la Barre. Although anytime I’ve been anywhere in Montmartre I have had the distinct impression of living in a waking dream…ahhh, que la vie est belle à Paris.

  • Thanks DreamVoyageur1 & Cindy ! I agree that it always seems that walking around in Montmartre is a dream within itself !

  • Debbie Manchur says:

    Our favorite spot is in front of Sacre Coeur, just west of the funiculaire, overlooking all of Paris. Beautiful place for a kiss in the City of Love! Debbie and Francois…

  • razzberri1973 says:

    As you walk around the corner from Sacre-Coeur to Place de Tertre, there is a corner where you can stand and have a wonderful view of the Eiffel Tower lit up at night (but it’s not Square Nadar, it’s just a corner next to the fence, along the sidewalk).

    On our first trip to Paris we stood there our last night, on the hour, and watched the lights twinkle for what we thought would be the last time ever, with tears in our eyes. I have never felt as in love as I did in that moment, both with Paris and with my other-half. Little did we know that we’d be back a year later, standing in the same spot on our last night in Paris. The next time we go, we’ll stand there on our last night…then the next time…and the next time. I think you get the idea 🙂

  • Mary says:

    I think I would like to start with L.H. Allee des Brouillards first. Thanks for a most useful and romantic post!

  • My favorite place in Montmartre was my balcony while I was living there. I could watch it rain, snow, or watch the sun hit the rooftops in the early morning light. Its magical!

  • peter lang-stephens says:

    It has to be said ….. The Sacre Coeur from the roof tops of Rue de Orsel when there is Fireworks for the Autumn/harvest festival. A pure joy.

  • Jennifer L says:

    I’ve never been to Paris. It’s my dream destination. I’d love to visit all of these places, especially G.B. Rue de l’Abreuvoir. It sounds magical.

  • kat mccarthy says:

    i dont know any of the places,im from the us,but id sure like to get to know!!!

  • I’d love to dance on the Rue Saint-Rustique while enjoying picturesque views of Sacre Coeur. That’s my choice!

  • I am moving to Paris in January and I’d love to dance on the Rue St. Rustique, with its picturesque views of Sacre Coeur! I’ll also be looking for a great longterm 3 BR furnished apartment to rent, maybe on Rue Montorgeuil.

    • Thanks Patricia! That little corner is getting livelier and livelier! You will also like to do some dancing down by the Seine River on the Quai Saint Bernard. … and the rue Montorgeuil area is a great place to live!

  • Cyndi V. says:

    I have never been to Paris, or anywhere really, but my dream is to go there one day and visit all the beautiful places I have ever read about or seen in pictures. Especially G.B.Place du Calvaire….sounds so romantic.

  • lovelucas says:

    I’m also from the US but have trekked up to Montmartre twice and many times via Midnight in Paris. Is it possible that there is any spot that isn’t romantic there? Must return a third time, some way – some how. Wonderful website 🙂

    • thanks Lovelucas! I sense you have a nice romantic side, Montmartre is perfect for you then! And I’m sure when you make it back, you will discover even more perfectly romantique places in the area!

  • Carla N says:

    I recently went to Paris for the first time and couldn’t get enough of the streets of Montmartre. The view from Sacre Coeur literally took my breath away and I came back every day to sit and stare and marvel at Paris’ beauty. Only thing that would have made it better was having a cute boy on my arm 🙂

  • Kitty Cattie says:

    I love love love Rue de Steinkerque. It is the ultimate shopping street for any tourist who is in need of casual clothes; although sadly, many only know Champs-Élysées, which is too expensive for a lot of people. With the brightly lit merry go round churning out its nostalgic tunes and the imposing church white against the sky, it’s idealistic to take romantic photos while there is a small amount of people around.

    At the end of Rue de Steinkerque near Place St. Pierre, there is a dreamy view of green grass and terraced gardens. Nearby, you have crepes and sandwiches, just a little treat to fill your stomach up if you are hungry on the way. Next to that, you can see a cafe which has a pleasant view gardens and basilica on your right. Now that will serve a lot of people who love to take selfies along with their lovers.

    I move to Paris since I was in 9th grade, but I have been sent to a boarding school in Switzerland to study there; so whenever I’m back to Paris, my paternal grandpa and I would always travel to one city every summer (2 months) in Paris to see every restaurant, site, and cafe it has to offer. It saddens me to know there are no longer a large amount of artists in Montmarte because it is pouring with tourists that keep slowly walking or stand in front of the artist while he/she is drawing. My grandpa tells me that the number of artists decrease every year :(.

    (This paragraph is kind of off topic) My maternal grandpa lives in Southern Paris, in Bordeaux. It is known for vineyards, which in my opinion, is very very romantic ♥, as well as a huge amount of people with pure French descents. One of them tells me that she originally live in peaceful Paris, but ever since there are a lot of tourists, she has decided to move her family to the southern part of the country and because she wants a bigger house, unlike the small ones in Paris. I personally love tourists because it shows that there are people who admire France and treasure their memories so greatly for the country I live in .

    Oh, and if you have not been to Bordeaux, go there right away. You cannot imagine how handsome and polite those French boys are, and there are a lot to choose from as well. Gosh, I cannot get over their Southern accents.

    ♥Katrina (I have officially fell in love with your blog after this post).

    • Hi Katrina! Thanks for this lovely description of what you love so much about rue Steinkerque (I agree, a great one to include in our list) … and also of Paris and France too! In fact, a proper romantic tour would not be just of Montmartre, there are so many wonderful places around the whole country! Very happy you like the blog! Stay tuned and in touch!

  • girlseule says:

    They all sound amazing!

  • Sharon Porter says:

    The most romantic place in Monmatre is
    Le jardin des abessess

  • Danielle Nydam says:

    They all sound amazing but I like the Place du Calvaire because you can get the perfect view of the Eiffel Tower which is very helpful to me because I will be taking a trip to Paris this winter. So I’m always looking for tips on the best spots and what not 🙂

    • Hello Danielle! Thanks for posting! That spot is a lovely place to take a quiet break in Montmartre and admire the view. I hope you will get to check out some of these sites when you come to Paris!

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