Spring Is Coming?

Spring is the best time for romance in Paris. Even though it has been officially “Spring” for several weeks now, with this chilly grey weather everyone is wondering if Spring is really coming this year or not? As it was finally a sunny day today, I donned my spring jacket and went (shivering) in search of signs of spring loving. Here are my findings!

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  • Karin B says:

    What a lovely little photo story! I enjoyed that a lot. 🙂

    I do hope real spring will come at long last to Paris. While we have much sunshine in Denver, the leaves and flowers never really pop out until well into April. I think the altitude is a factor. Yesterday I saw daffodils and hyacinths and today a couple of cherry or apple or crabapple (not sure which) trees at last had blossomed. And we had our first scattered showers, the kind that will turn into real thunderstorms as soon as it warms even more!

    Spring will come. Signs are arriving. Bientôt!


    • La Tigresse says:

      Thanks Karin!
      Glad you liked the little photo essay, was inspired to do something a bit different yesterday, with the sun and all, but it was still chilly! And today it’s back to grey skies.
      But you’ve given me hope!
      It sounds lovely in Denver and perhaps more springy right now than Paris or at least on par 🙂
      I think when spring does arrive it will come in full force!
      Bises! Lily

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