The Mysterious “Other” Inbox

The Mysterious of the Internet will never cease to surprise me… and here’s an-“other” one!

My last post ended with meeting an actor whom I called Mr Jean Jacket. When we met he hadn’t told me he was an actor, he looked like a hipster, but that was about all I could gather. Well the loud music at Le Bus certainly didn’t encourage an in-depth conversation. Getting a drink at Glass helped this a little and it was here that he showed me a movie trailer and kept saying, “look that’s me!” whenever his face popped up. That was the last time I saw his face because from there he disappeared… but with the video, I could track him down.

My optimism can get the better of me, sometimes, or rather most of the time. It was quite easy to find him, I perused his impressive IMBD profile and he even has a Wikipedia page, though I eventually came to his very public Facebook profile. I know, I made issue of friending possible romantic interests too earlier in my post on the CitizenM and the disappearing Blogger Boy. I wasn’t going to do that (at first), I thought instead I’d send him a FB email. I cleverly made up a premise for meeting up and clicked send. A box popped up warning me that my message would end up in his “other” inbox because we weren’t friends. The “other” inbox? I only had one… maybe he just had set up his privacy settings extra strict? I was a little nervous for trying to contact him anyway, so I took a deep breath and reached for the enter button, wary, yet hopeful that he must be checking this “other” inbox.

Other inbox

Later that night I was in my Facebook account and went to send an email, this time I actually looked at the tabs. Mon dieu! I had an “other” inbox too! Holy gigabits! Years and years on Facebook and I’d never seen this. Holy terabits! There were over 100 messages in it! Who could they be from?? What have I been missing out on all these years?? 

other inbox spreadWell, as those of you “in the know” already know, there’s a lot of crap, most of the messages were random men in random places trying to flirt (flirt their way into foreign passports most probably), however, with a quick scan of the messages, there were a good handful I would have liked to have received AND some pretty funny ones, which I’ll share below.

But before I even clicked in to read the best of the messages, it did dawn on me that there were good chances Mr Jean Jacket also never checked his “other” inbox. A casual survey of my friends (including some young tech-savvy ones) found that only about 50% knew about this “other” inbox. If you haven’t checked yours, go have a look, you might get reconnected with some long lost friends… or find a new romantic pen pal located in Timbuktu.

Here are the top five messages from the “other” inbox:

Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 16.47.16

Darn, it would have been nice to have replied to her promptly. It was so sweet of the journalist to let me know her story on me was online. Good thing I was obsessively checking their website to see when it was live or else, alas, since I hadn’t received her email in my “other” inbox, I wouldn’t have known in time to see it on the front page.

Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 19.53.09Wow! A Private message from Paulo Coelho! Ok, ok, certainly to thousands of “other” people but still. This was before fan “Pages” so a lot of the emails in the “other” inbox were from groups I followed with various invitations to do things, all of which I missed out on!

Hello Cutie message

Ok. In all fairness, I’ve never really been to New Jersey. It could be a great place, however, for some reason, I don’t think I’d want to start up a chatting relationship on “yahoo” with this single father with “1 kids.” I’m “nice,” often too nice… but not that nice.

Sherif email

This was definitely one of my favorites. The message actually went on and on – I couldn’t fit it all on the one screenshot. With worse grammar than Mr Hello Cutie, this guy at least gets points for including my name… and I’m not sure if I’ve ever been called awesome before. However, he went a little far with the “never turn his laptop off ever” part. I hope his battery died! Yikes! So creepy!

Weirdo girlfriendIf we want to talk creepy… this one takes the cake!! I gave her the name of Weirdo Girlfriend (changed in the message)…. As that’s what she is! Who emails strangers like this? And why did she email me? This was before my blog and the person she’s referring to is an old friend whom I hadn’t heard from in years. Good thing they are in Australia or else I might have had a stalker!

Now, if I’m teaching you about the “other” inbox, go have a look and post any fun messages to the comments 🙂 happy discovering!


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