There’s Only One Paris – Participatory Stories

The new decade has gotten off to unexpected and troubling start with the coronavirus pandemic sweeping the globe. This has meant that millions of people are stuck at home and are not able to travel, like for all the Paris lovers who were looking forward to a visit this spring. Even those living in Paris are confined to their apartments and to the nearby surroundings. This crisis doesn’t have to push us apart nor to prevent us from loving Paris. It’s within this context that I’ve launched a new project in order to connect people to Paris during the coronavirus crisis (and possibly beyond!). Read on to learn more about “There’s Only One Paris,” participatory stories and how you can get involved in a fun and easy way!

There’s Only One Paris –  a Series of Participatory Stories

There’s only one Paris, and however hard living may be here, and if it became worse and harder even—the French air clears up the brain and does good—a world of good.” — Vincent Van Gogh

I thought this quote by artist Vincent Van Gogh aptly described our current situation… Paris does do a world of good! And here’s how I’m hoping to instigate this “good” in a creative way.

Each week I’ll be writing a short story revolving around one place/site in Paris based on YOUR suggestions. Do you remember “choose your own adventure” books from when you were a kid/teen? This is sort of like that! You can watch the video above for my explanation about the project…. but it’s easy to participate… I just need to hear about your favorite things and places in Paris!

We have a running list in this post on Facebook, but you can also add any of the following in the comments below:

  • your favorite sites in Paris
  • your favorite cafés/restaurants etc
  • your favorite things to do in Paris
  • adjectives that remind you of Paris
  • your favorite memories or moments about Paris
  • French and foreign names you like for the characters (F/M)
  • anything else you love about Paris!

Some of the great ideas you’ve contributed so far include:

The Musée d’Orsay, the Palais Royal Gardens, La Galerie Vivienne, Belleville, le Parc des Buttes Chaumont, la Promenade Plantée, le Chateau Vincennes and strolling down Bl. St. Michel from Luxembourg gardens to the Seine and the Ile de Cite, a mystery at the Opera Garnier, picnics along the Seine or at the Square Vert Galant, wine shops…. fresh baguettes… and more! Please keep them coming!

Eiffel Tower view Avenue Rapp

Read/Watch/Listen to the Episodes

Join me on a 10 minute Facebook Live every Sundays at 8:30 pm Paris time / 2:30 pm EST when I’ll be introducing the story, having a chat about its inspirations and discussing the next theme. 

Then I’ll be recording the story over on Youtube so that anyone interested can catch up on it afterwards (listening to it is a good way to reduce screen time!). You can also read it on my site. Find the collection of the episodes so far at this link.

Enjoy and a big thank you to everyone who is getting involved!

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